Despicable Twitter Ethics: The “Biden Showered With His Daughter” Stunt

Bill Clinton was subjected to the grossest jokes. Donald Trump was treated the most disrespectfully. But Joe Biden has triggered the most below-the-belt verbal tactics yet, beginning with the childish “Let’s Go Brandon!” jeer. This might be worse; I’m not sure. I have to take a shower first.

Greg Price, the senior digital strategist at XStrategies LLC, posted a video of diversity White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre making a fool of herself, as she does virtually every time she appears. Price, clever 7th grader that he apparently is, changed his Twitter handle to “Joe Biden Showered With His Daughter” in the posting, setting a trap that White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates walked right into. Bates retweeted Price’s tweet as he quoted Karine’s lame “whataboutism”‘” retort to criticism of Pete Buttigieg’s characteristic negligent and lazy handling of the Palestine, Ohio train derailment. (It’s not the issue in this post, but Trump’s DOT head never oversaw a derailment that appeared to be poisoning a community in its aftermath.) So Bates, one of Joe’s loyal paid liars, posted this on Twitter…

….thus further spreading the unsubstantiated tale that the once-nicknamed Creepy Joe showered with his daughter, as her abandoned diary seemed to claim.

Now all the right-side websites are snorting and sniggering like the jerks who affixed the “Kick me!” sign to George McFly.

Yes, I know. Democrats, progressives and the resistance permanently lowered the previous standards for acceptable Presidential mockery and hate. I agree: Ethics Alarms warned about how this was going to harm a lot more than Donald Trump.

That doesn’t make it any more ethical.

I’m so old, I remember this thing they used to call “The Golden Rule”….

6 thoughts on “Despicable Twitter Ethics: The “Biden Showered With His Daughter” Stunt

  1. Honestly, it took me a while to wrap my head around what happened here.

    I was fixated on her reference (and gaffe) to “President Obama.”

    Now that I get what I think happened, the burden was on the re-tweet to not tweet bad info about the showering allegation.

    If your job is public relations, this falls on you.


      • Unfortunately, when you drag things down into the gutter, it’s pretty hard to get out again. You want to put borrowed fire marshal’s helmets on some yahoos and have them underreport crowd sizes, you want to pay a band to strike up your song at the other guy’s rally, you want to reserve seats you have no intention of filling, don’t be surprised when the other side tries to play up the fact that your guy is a pedophilic creep.

  2. I truly don’t understand why many right-leaning websites think this is some kind of coup. It was stupid, rude, and unethical — even shameful. Bare-knuckle politics is one thing, but this sort of silly grandstanding is just one more illustration of how profoundly broken our political class is.

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