If It Is Unethical For CNN To Continue Putting Don Lemon On The Air, What Do You Call ABC Allowing “The View” To Rot Brains Daily?

Yes, that was fake Republican Ana Navarro spreading the word that blacks and Hispanics get sent to jail for years for stealing a pack of cigarettes. “The View” is the most-viewed news and talk program in daytime television, and is run by the ABC News division. The ABC News division is permitting outright, flagrant false information to be communicated to its dim and ignorant audience by this coven of fools. They make Don Lemon look like Edward R. Murrow.

ABC, do recall, is owned by Disney.

The ladies on “The View”—where’s the diversity?—have jumped the metaphorical shark on top of the metaphorical shark as their favorite President’s performance has looked shakier and shakier, hitting a new low (or high—this is a complicated metaphor) when Joy Behar, Idiot of Idiots, said that the residents of East Palestine, Ohio deserved to be plagued by toxic gas because they voted for Donald Trump. “That’s who you voted for!” she shouted at the camera. “In that district. Donald Trump, who reduces all safety. He did in those days.”

Articulate as always, Joy. Her rant was also approximately as accurate as Ana’s description of the justice system. Trump policies had nothing to do with the train derailment as many quickly pointed out, but “The View” and all of its lazy, hysterical, Trump-Deranged occupants are full-time propagandists. The official Democratic party line is that everything going down the drain under Biden is Trump’s fault.

The statement Ethics Alarms has made about CNN and Don Lemon holds true here, but on steroids, as the saying goes. An ethical, trustworthy, responsible news organization would have cleared out “The View” and sown its studio with salt years ago. The disgusting show’s continued existence as part of ABC News is sufficient reason to boycott ABC News. As for Disney, it is now unquestionably a malign and destructive influence on American society, the exact opposite of what Walt worked to create.

What a tragedy….for him, for Disney, for the culture, for the nation.


10 thoughts on “If It Is Unethical For CNN To Continue Putting Don Lemon On The Air, What Do You Call ABC Allowing “The View” To Rot Brains Daily?

  1. Of course, what no one is pointing out is that, if the administration disapproved of Trump-era policies, they were more than able to change those policies within the last two years. After all, didn’t the MSM print headlines joyfully roaring every “rollback” of a Trump policy the Biden administration undid in the first months of Biden’s term in office?

    They had two years to change whatever it was that Trump did that they claim is responsible for the poisoning of East Palestine. They didn’t. That’s why this is on them.

    • Your mistake AMG, is applying logic to minds refractory to it and common sense as well.

      The womyn on The View sold their souls a long time ago in exchange for the good life that material extravagance provides. The View hosts do what they do and say what they say because it pays the bills. Ethics does not enter that equation.

      As an aside; some people are wondering just what exactly these womyn’s bodies are hosts to?

      • They are hosts of moronitis, idiocarcinoma, and assininosarcoma.

        I wasn’t aware that minorities got sent to prison for petty theft, but I had heard about spreading the Joy of conservatives deserving chemical poisoning.

        I actually had planned on, if Jack didn’t cover it first, asking about what the ethical option was for a network showing the View in regard to Behar’s statement on the train derailment at the open forum.

        Part of me wants to say that Joy being a horrible person is Julie Principle, like my husband keeps saying about my MIL. The rest of me thinks that is is way beyond the pale.

        • “I wasn’t aware that minorities got sent to prison for petty theft, but I had heard about spreading the Joy of conservatives deserving chemical poisoning.”

          Agreed. Minorities don’t get sent to prison for petty theft, nor does just about anyone else, for that matter. They might, just might, get sent to prison for bashing a store clerk over the head while stealing cigarettes at gun point, though. A minor detail, I know, but, . . . .


          • I never did any criminal defense work or prosecuted anyone, but as near as I can tell, it’s pretty difficult to get sentenced to actual jail time. I also suspect these guys in on fairly “minor” convictions pled to lesser offenses to get their sentences reduced.

    • The math is fairly simple and straightforward: anything good that happens is because of a current or previous Democrat president and anything bad is the fault of a current or previous Republican president.

  2. Wow. “The View” is part of ABC News! I guess I assumed it was run by the “reality TV” division or the sitcom division. It’s kind of like a middle-aged “Jersey Shore” or “Married with Children.”

  3. Actually, Ana’s statement is merely standard issue lefty cant. It’s called, hilariously, “decarceration,” I believe, based on the notion that there are too many people in jail, as if there is an optimum number of people who should be in jail (zero or near to zero) and until that number is achieved, justice is not being done. So, as far as Disney et al. are concerned, Ana’s right on the money.

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