CNN’s Desperate, Unethical And Insulting Don Lemon Retention Strategy

CNN Morning anchor Don Lemon returned to the show today, after CNN CEO Chris Licht told staff in a memo that the cute, black, gay incompetent has agreed to submit to “training” in exchange for his return.

To “cut to the chase,” Lemon is an ongoing and acute embarrassment to CNN, broadcast news, and journalism. His record of bad journalism and misadventures are documented on Ethics Alarms, and since I would rather have my toes transplanted to my forehead than watch the guy no matter what show he’s showboating in, I know that Ethics Alarms has only scratched the surface of Lemon’s bias, narcissism, lack of professionalism and incompetence. He should have been fired many times over, but since his worst displays have been squarely in service of progressive cant, anti-white bias and Democratic politics, it was only his most recent gaffe, openly signalling his sexism while revealing how well he performs basic research, that seriously jeopardized his continued employment.

I’m sick of writing that a serious, ethical, professional news organization would fire Lemon. There ARE no serious, ethical, professional news organizations, but CNN is close to the bottom of an ugly barrel. It did nothing even after Lemon was drunk on the air more than once. Instead of canning the hack for cause, the network finally made a policy prohibiting the “talent” from drinking alcohol during broadcasts.

Licht made an admirable pass at an ethical reason for not firing Lemon, saying, “It is important to me that CNN balances accountability with fostering a culture in which people can own, learn and grow from their mistakes.” I agree with that management principle completely, and it would be a fine policy if applied to someone who hasn’t made “mistakes” over and over and over again, and demonstrated no inclination to start behaving like an objective, competent, reliable professional.

What “training’ could cure Don Lemon of his hard-wired proclivities, short of the kind of re-education brainwashing used in “A Clockwork Orange” or “The Manchurian Candidate”? The man is 51 years old. I run sexual harassment trainings. All I can do is help tune up ethics alarms and clarify areas of confusion. I can’t turn sexists into fair, unbiased employees, and I definitely can’t fix stupid, arrogant and ignorant. Most companies and organizations use “trainings” to avoid fines and liability; they know that their effectiveness is limited and marginal, and with characters like Lemon, worthless.

There isn’t a training of any length by any trainer alive that can change a pampered jerk like Don Lemon into a trustworthy employee, much less a justifiable public representative of a news organization.

Maybe CNN is giving Lemon one last chance. That is foolish and incompetent in itself: that he will continue being Don Lemon is inevitable. By handling its problem employee this way, CNN is insulting its viewers and proving its own lack of trustworthiness.

2 thoughts on “CNN’s Desperate, Unethical And Insulting Don Lemon Retention Strategy

  1. They’ll never fire him. They’d have Al Sharpton and whoever his gay equivalent is howling non-stop about the move being racist and sexual bigotry for days. Then Don would get signed by MSNBC.

  2. Golly, I hope that CNN retains Mr. Lemonhead although for less than honorable reasons. He is a perpetual embarrassment machine and will be another factor in loss of viewers for CNN, especially women. Imagine the simmering internal unrest that Lemonhead incites in the hallways at work.
    Schadenfreude applies and yet I find myself strangely at peace.

    We are witnessing a race to the bottom between Buttigieg and Lemonhead. Retention of one is merely harmless theatre whereas the other is a national disgrace with ongoing deadly consequences.
    Interesting how both share an unpleasant personality disorder. Excessive smugness.

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