Oh Come ON, Ann! Is Althouse Really This Naive?

In her post about how US. World and News Report is accusing law schools opting out of its yearly rankings of de-emphasizing test scores and grades to prepare for an end-around the likely SCOTUS ban on affirmative action, retired law professor and usually Smart Person Ann Althouse writes,

“If law schools can’t directly take race into account, why would they make an adjustment that puts less emphasis on test scores and grades?”

Huh. That’s a real puzzler!

I haven’t read the comments, but I assume they enlighten her about this impenetrable mystery.

2 thoughts on “Oh Come ON, Ann! Is Althouse Really This Naive?

  1. She did eventually get it.

    But, I don’t fault her too much. The two things (getting rid of GPA and test scores as application requirements and the elimination of affirmative action) are not obviously connected, especially when presented in the context of law schools not being featured in US News and World Report.

    There were a few dots to connect. She is probably smart enough to connect them, but we all have blind spots.

    Add to that, much of this deals with suspected motivations about the actions of school administrators based upon anticipated decisions of the Supreme Court. That is all very speculative.


    • Sure, but…it has been the assumption for months that the sudden desire to nix the LSAT scores has been motivated by law schools’ desire to find a way to admit disproportionate numbers of black and Hispanic applicants without being sued for discrimination. And the problem of persistent gaps in scores between Asian-American and white applicants and the objects of affirmative action was acknowledged as a problem back when I was involved in admissions at Georgetown.

      How would you argue they aren’t obviously connected? Get rid of academic qualification, treating more stringent college grades as superior, etc, and law schools can come up with whatever criteria they like that favors “applicants-of-color.”

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