Tracks Of The Great Stupid

Imagine a society where these sentences in the New York Post account of the transgender 28-year-old former student, Audrey Hale, who shot and killed six people, including three kids,today at the Covenant School in Nashville can even be conceived, never mind published in a conservative newspaper:

In online profiles Hale had indicated they used he/him pronouns and also went by the name Aiden. It is unclear whether Hale identified as a man or woman at the time of the slayings.

“They” used he/him pronouns…?

Never mind imagining such a batty society; you’re living in it.

It’s important to know which sex “they” was (were?) identifying as when the guns were fired, to determine whether this was a typical example of a male mass-murderer, or the rare anomaly of a female shooter. The linked Times article hints that because the shooter was born female, maybe it’s fair to list “them” in the female category. But that can’t be right. Isn’t the rule that if a trans individual does something that earns awards or titles, she can pick her gender, but if it’s something bad, he must be a guy?  It was quite irresponsible for Audrey to fail to clarify this before getting shot herself.

I wonder what kind of a swimmer Audrey was….


31 thoughts on “Tracks Of The Great Stupid

  1. So, I wonder (not really) why I keep seeing “no history of mental health problems” in articles about Audrey Hale. There’s a reason gender dysphoria is in the DSM. They may have redefined it as not a disorder… but if you honestly believe you are something different than is dictated by physical reality, that IS a mental health problem. Also, isn’t transitioning only supposed to be offered as a treatment if your dysphoria comes with secondary mental issues like depression?

  2. “Hale had indicated they used he/him pronouns ”


    What is the point of “having pronouns” if you are not using them.

    You can’t use “they” if the pronouns are he/him.

    The paper could have just as easily said “she used he/him pronouns.”

    Or should it have been “he used he/him pronouns?”

    As stupid as all this pronoun stuff is, it seems that those who buy into it can’t even makes sense of it.


    • Exactly. I have heard people, when asked for gender, instead respond with, “I use they, them pronouns.”

      That doesn’t answer the question. It’s almost as if the pronoun is the important part.

      • AM,

        Should the proper response have been “WE use they, them pronouns.”? If those taking these pronouns unto themselves can’t even use them properly, why should I take them seriously?

        …and I’m never going to use those pronouns unless I’m not talking to the person directly. I have to be talking to someone else about that person to use the preferred pronoun. I wonder if this is some back-handed way to get us to dispense with pronouns altogether and just repeat the person’s actual name over and over…until we’re sick of it. Would that be offensive?

        Do preferred pronouns have to be actual pronouns at all? Can my preferred pronouns be things (“microwave/jack of diamonds”)?…emotions (“deep dark depression/excessive misery”)?…colors (“aquamarine/burnt sienna”)?…Founding Fathers (“George Washington/Gouverneur Morris”)?…brand names (“Lear/Malt-O-Meal”)?

        Sorry…drifting off course here…

        • The otherwise admirable TV show “Billions” has a non-binary character who goes by “They/them” and everyone in that universe uses the pronouns easily and without confusion or apparent annoyance. That’s fantasy, of course but more Hollywood indoctrination. It also seems to confer special power and status–using “they” is like discussing the Borg.

          • I love your final thought about special power and status. I’m sure it’s been said/written a million times, but isn’t this what the notion of preferred pronouns is really about?…power and status. Using some perceived status and lording it over someone else, demanding obedience? Refusal to comply will cause you to be (proverbially now, but maybe actually some day) beaten. Sort of like slave owners back in the day…?

  3. Imagine if you will…

    “There is a 5th dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination, it’s and area which we call The Twilight Zone.”

    The absurd area called “The Twilight Zone” has crept into our dimension and is . It’s a absurd place where some of the satire presented by the Babylon Bee becomes reality; it’s a place where boys claim to be girls, girls claim to be boys, and some others don’t know what hell they are; it’s a place where “it’s isn’t what it is” has become so common place that it’s becoming “normal”; it’s a place where the ends justify the means as long as the ends condemns aspects of liberty and promotes totalitarianism; it’s a place where you’re punished because you are accused not because you are found guilty in a court of law; it’s a place where you’re “guilty until proven innocent”; it’s a place where the roughly 4% of the population, what used to be considered the fringe non-normal, are telling the majority that the 4% normal and the 96% are the abnormal ones; it’s a place where individual responsibility is quaint; it’s a place where free speech is only allowed if the irrational fringe elements of society agree with you; it’s a place where the law which was a dominate core of society now takes a back seat to social justice; it’s a place where equity overrules all logic; it’s a place where common sense is dead; it’s a place where the status quo is considered wrong regardless of what the status quo is; a place where brainwashing propaganda is absorbed as factual truth even when the factual truth completely proves it wrong; it’s a place where statistics that are mathematically indistinguishable from zero dominate the minds of the masses; it’s a place where “do something” is a viable argument to be used for all things; it’s a place where striping the rights of the majority because of the actions of a miniscule few who abuse those rights becomes socially acceptable; it’s a place where being silenced has become so common that it’s badge of honor joke worthy; it’s a place where delusional thinking rules the roost and critical thinking is criticized; it’s a place where thinking like an inexperienced and immature 7th grader garners more respect in society than an experienced and mature adult; it’s a place where the sons and daughters of history are openly condemned and expected to pay for the sins of those that have been dead for well over a hundred years; it’s a place where history is wiped from the face of society and replaced with delusion; it’s a place where we’re judged by the color of our skin, not the content of our character; etc, etc…

    Need I go on?

    If you told the common man or woman walking down the street between 1955 and 1975 that our society and our culture would be in turmoil like this in the first quarter of the 2000’s you would have been shrugged off as a lunatic that needed psychiatric help.

    Our society and culture have been turned inside out and flipped on its metaphorical head and yet there are still people out there that refuse to believe that we’re in serious societal and cultural trouble.

      • Joel Mundt wrote, “Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty tidy synopsis, sir.”


        I really wish I had proof read it at least once but nope I was otherwise occupied, some of my grammar was bad and my lack of needed words was painfully obvious. Oh well, I’ll guess I’ll give myself a swift kick in the rear and move on.

          • Joel Mundt wrote, “Missing words is a sign of genius. Your brain is rapidly outpacing your fingers’ ability to keep up.”

            Genius me!? LOL!!!

            My actual genius older brother might disagree, he’s what some would call a real “rocket scientist”.

            Personally, I thought it was likely the sign of blank spaces in the thought process, aka brain farts, like this…

            …being what appears in the thought process instead of real words.

  4. “It’s important to know which sex “they” was (were?) identifying as when the guns were fired, to determine whether this was a typical example of a male mass-murderer, or the rare anomaly of a female shooter.”

    It’s so rare to see female mass shooters that I’d also like to know whether Hale was on cross-sex hormones. In many places in this country, trans-identified females can access large doses of testosterone (based on informed consent and their own say-so). In addition to needless osteoporosis, these patients could also be borrowing trouble, in the form of male-type aggression, when they add hormones to their female bodies that don’t belong there.

  5. By the way; I heard someone say on the ABC Evening News last night something to the effect of a gun took six lives”, I think I quoted that correctly.

    Yup that gun woke up yesterday morning, dragged itself out of bed, loaded itself, drove itself to the church/school, shot its way into the building, and proceeded to murder six people before the police put that gun in the grave. The cries of “do something” are going to again ring throughout our society and people are going to let emotion rule the roost, that same “do something” cry was again presented as a viable argument during the White House Press Briefing yesterday by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

  6. Perhaps I missed it or the article has been edited, but I can’t find the offending sentence in the linked article? It sure doesn’t read like anything I’ve ever read in the Post?

      • Got it. That must have been a typo. Just seems out of character with the Post.

        I have such a hard time with transgendering. I assume I am correct this person was originally a girl but has “transitioned” to being a boy. So he’s a transgender man. Is that the correct terminology? Sure looks like a guy when he’s all armored down and wearing a baseball cap backwards.

        Of course, this story is hard for the left. Trans people are supposed to be vastly superior and fawned upon by everyone. So, that’s problematic. And then, the dead people are white Christians and the school is religious and not public! I mean, aren’t trans people supposed to be eliminating people like this? Aren’t they harmful? Aren’t these people just like TERFs and J.K. Rowling? These people are probably Trump voters! And this young lady appears to have transitioned to a white supremacist, based on his scary looks. He could win a Kyle Rittenhouse look alike contest!

  7. I will say unequivocally, as a person with some experience in this field, that any school without well-trained and well-armed security personnel on site is per se negligent. My applied school security experience is limited to public schools in my county (population 108K) and a few around us where there are full-time SROs in every school, but I know that the couple of Christian schools here (city population 47K) have their own armed security personnel as well. (The only school shooting we have ever had here was in 1887 when a man shot and killed a teacher, allegedly for whipping his younger sister the day before.)

  8. If I recall sufficiently, recently there was a professor that asserted that it is better to shoot them down than shout them down.

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