NPR Wonders If Transgender Athletes Have A Physical Advantage Over Female Competitors

Huh! Good question, NPR! It’s a mystery! A real head-scratcher! Oh if only there were some convincing evidence that going through puberty as a male confers some kind of advantage for trans female athletes! When will we have such information?

Oh, I almost forgot: “Nah, there’s no mainstream news media bias!” Also: “We pay taxes to support this crap???”

The World Athletics Council, the governing body for international track and field, announced last week that it will bar transgender women athletes from competing in events with everyday, normal, biological women who have been so from birth. This isn’t rocket science. What is ridiculous is that so many organizations are so devoted in their loyalty to Woke World that they are still in denial. That’s trans Ivy League swimming cheat Lia Thomas above with one of the little women who finished second to her during the past year’s contests, and no, they are not standing on platforms.

Last year , FINA, the world governing body for swimming, prohibited transgender women from participating in female swimming competitions. In 2020, World Rugby ruled that transgender women could not play rugby internationally out of “safety and fairness” concerns for non-transgender women. Nineteen states have banned transgender athletes from playing on girls or women’s sports teams, which NPR, that objective, professional, trustworthy publicly-funded news source, calls “laws that further curb transgender rights” in its propaganda-as-news article. A man doesn’t acquire “rights” to compete in athletic competitions against women over which the ex-male has obvious and permanent physical advantages by his undergoing gender re-alignment treatment, or more absurd still, by “identifying” as female. That statement by NPR is reader manipulation for a partisan, ideological objective.

The WAC, reasonably but also in a transparent CYA move, stated while announcing the ban that it would form a working group to further consider the issue, with the mission of speaking with transgender athletes to seek their perspectives, reviewing research, and submitting recommendations to the council. NPR used that footnote to serve as the focus of its story. “At the center of the issue is whether transgender women athletes have a physical advantage over other female competitors, even after lowering their testosterone level,” NPR says. “But there is limited scientific research involving elite transgender athletes — which the council also acknowledged.”

Baloney. At the center of the issue is whether political posturing and the LGTBQ lobby will be sufficient to allow a small minority of athletes with sexual identity problems to undermine the advances in women’s sports that feminists fought and long so hard for, and whether those feminists have the integrity to side with hated conservatives when their usual adversaries happen to be right.

The NPR blather reminds me of tobacco companies successfully claiming for years that cigarettes were as healthy as yogurt because there was no scientific evidence showing a causal link between smoking and dying of cancer, heart disease and other illness—it was a mystery why heavy smokers always seemed to be coughing, hacking, getting sick and dying more often than non-smokers.

By all means, let’s have plenty of research. While we’re at it, I want to see the research on why short people tend not to be great basketball players.

As is their unfortunate tendency, conservative media and its adherents couldn’t play this episode straight. “NPR gets roasted for claiming there’s ‘limited scientific evidence’ men have ‘physical advantage’ over women in sports,” headlined Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. That’s not what NPR wrote.

What it wrote was bad enough.

One thought on “NPR Wonders If Transgender Athletes Have A Physical Advantage Over Female Competitors

  1. I think Glenn Beck might have been responding to NPR’s original tweet for its article about the WA rule change:

    “The international governing body for track and field will ban trans women athletes from elite women’s competitions, citing a priority for fairness over inclusion despite limited scientific evidence of physical advantage.”

    After this garbage tweet, Twitter added a Community Note citing to numerous studies that directly contradict the NPR claim. Then, NPR deleted the tweet and posted a new one that is still trash but slightly less laughable.

    It’s the ‘despite’ part that really gets me, though. Claiming it’s fair for trans-identified males to compete in the women’s division is an extraordinary claim to make. Whoever makes such a claim bears the burden to prove its reasonableness; it isn’t on anyone else to disprove it. Starting from a place of inclusion is absurd.

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