Comment Of The Day: “Latest Admittees To The “Do Something!” Hall Of Fame”

I am pretty sure that I have neglected to post a fair share of Paul W. Schlecht’s deserving and entertaining commentaries as Comments of the Day; he deserves better. He has a unique style, often sliding into satirical rants. In the case of the UN’s climate change propaganda arm, however, his tone is not only appropriate, it’s welcome and necessary.

Here is Paul’s Comment of the Day on the post, “Latest Admittees to the ‘Do Something!’ Hall Of Fame.” Incidentally, I hope Paul forgives me for substituting “fuck” for “F***K, but I hate all of the “polite” ways of writing and saying that word, since they all mean the same thing.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a scientific and intergovernmental body under the auspices of the United Nations, set up at the request of member governments, dedicated to the task of providing the world with an objective, scientific view of climate change and its political and economic impacts.”

An absolute epitome of grift/graft, the UNIPCC conducts no research of its own, which should come as no surprise. Follow the money; it’s not in the research, it’s in the solutions recommended by the Summary for Policy-Makers (SPM) addendum to its Assessment Reports (AR’s).

While this may come as something of a surprise, the “solutions” quite often benefit financially those who propose them. Anyone wondering why the UNIPCC has fought reform and scrutiny, wonder no more.

The UNIPCC answers to no one, has no obligation to give an audience to anyone who doesn’t confirm the “Consensus” and has NO Conflict-Of-Interest (COI) provision.

A while back, an INTERACADEMY COUNCIL investigation recommended sweeping changes to the UNIPCC.

“*(T)he council said (thatthe UNIPCC) needs a full-time executive director, more openness and regular changes in leadership. It called for stronger enforcement of its reviews of research and adoption of a COI policy, which the IPCC does not have, even though its parent agencies do.” The COI issue was raised because of former Chair Rajendra Pachauri’s work as adviser and board member of green energy companies, etc., etc., etc.

The UNIPCC’s response? “FUCK OFF!!…a somewhat more direct iteration of “BITE ME!”

These TRILLION$ in “solutions” here are financed by ‘taking dollars from poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.’

Why did the Maldives take a half a BILLION in “Climate Reparations” and build golf courses and airports to promote tourism (Fly-In Golfers?) rather than moving all their $#!t to higher ground?

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), comprised of a veritable Who’s Who of Climate Criminal Lefties; (Al Gore, Jr., Maurice Strong, Frank Raines, Uncle Georgie Soros, the Lefty Foundations, et al) WAS SHUTTERED for failing to fulfill the one reason for its existence: Lining the pockets of Gucci-slippered Carbon Traders and rent-seeking corporations.

Expected to generate trades reaching into the 14 figures, it would have been a Lefty Statist’s wet freakin’ dream!

“At its founding in November 2000, it was estimated that the size of CCX’s carbon trading market could reach $500 billion. That estimate ballooned over the years to $10 trillion.”

That’s some serious jack for trading what amounts to thin air.

The kind of people that kind of money tends to attract ARE NOT Sunday School teachers or the Boy Scout Den Mothers!

14 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Latest Admittees To The “Do Something!” Hall Of Fame”

  1. Jack wrote, “[Paul] has a unique style, often sliding into satirical rants.”

    Here is how I’ve described Paul’s style in the past, “He is the architect of Shakespearean stylized rhetorical ‘poetries’ endeavoring to school others on topics closely related to current events; either you get the style of writing or you don’t.”

  2. A little background on former (forced to resign in 2015 due to sexual harassment allegations) IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachuari, a RR Engineer, porn novel author, AND (on behalf of the UNIPCC) a 2007 Nobel Laureate with Al Gore on the heels of the latter’s comically disproven Schlockumentary Slideshow.

    Where his Climate Science bona fides are is anyone’s guess, but that’s not the point.

    On his watch a real REAL scary prediction of the Himalayan Glaciers disappearing by 2035 was left in the Assessment Report # 4 (AR4) AFTER it was discovered that the REAL year was 2350.

    That the UNIPCC had to embarrassingly withdraw that…ahem…erroneous claim and apologize is inconsequential; it accomplished what it was intended to accomplish: Securing additional funding in the amount of $500 large for, amongst others, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute).

    TERI Director General? The talented Mr. Pachuari himself.

    Mercy me! What are the odds…?

    Anywho, Pachuari replaced the widely respected Bob Watson ~2000 at the behest of a memo from EXXON-MOBIL.

    Why? It was determined that Pachuari would be ”friendlier” to business.

    Seems the type of “business” with whom he’d be “friendlier” is NOT a subject True Believers prefer to address.

    Anywho, a Mumbai-based Indian multinational conglomerate (tied to none other than the talented Herr Pachauri himself) the TATA Group [insert raunchy rejoinder], shuttered British Steelmaking concern Corus Redcar in 2009, throwing 1700 people out of work.

    Why? To cash in on windfall profits of ~$2 billion by selling its carbon credits.

    Well, Corus Redcar was an evil polluter after all, and those furloughed workers surely deserved their fate, didn’t they?

    So it appears that Pachuari really DID cut down on global pollution, so the real GREEN ($) was due recompense for his selfless efforts and a job well done….as a grateful Mother Gaia breathed a cautiously optimistic sigh of relief….

    • I’ve always assumed Al Gore was merely the front man for Goldman Sachs in their effort to secure to themselves the vig on the hilariously absurd carbon credit exchange (which makes Bitcoin look like U.S. Treasuries or gold bullion). Can you imagine Al reading a five-hundred-page book, never mind writing one? I can’t. Writing and producing a documentary? Uh, no. Except when it comes to tying on the feed bag, the guy has the work ethic and attention span of a banana slug.

      • Not a fan of Fat Albert, OB? You’s have plenty of company!

        Not the least of which would be the Über Lefty tandem of the late Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair’s (no Righties, they!) and laid bare, in no uncertain terms, in their scathing treatise–Al Gore: A User’s Manual, in which they unmercifully (albeit [IMO] hilariously) eviscerate poor Al.

        The kicker? It came out in 2000 BEFORE the election AND his Global Warming epiphany.

        I think you’d enjoy it, copies are pretty…um…affordable; I’d lend you mine but one of my Lefty SILs spirited it away.

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