Incompetent Punditry, Irresponsible Paper: The Boston Globe Publishes An Op-Ed Called “DEI Denial Is The Modern Day Lynching”

It really did.

There may have been equally dumb headlines and op-ed pieces, but I can’t imagine what a worse one would be. This is what I get for being a Red Sox fan: the Boston Globe used to have the best baseball coverage in the U.S. back when I was still in Boston, so I return to it periodically when the baseball season looms. This was my reward: an example of deranged, arrogant, dissent-demonizing wokism that should never have been published, and wouldn’t be by a responsible newspaper, if there were such a thing any more.

Criticizing the cynical Diversity/Equity/Inclusion fad that was one of the many mutations of policy and logic to ooze out of the George Floyd Freakout is the equivalent of murdering innocent black men in the Deep South! Of course! What a brilliant analogy! Or perhaps it is more like…let’s see… making a Nash Rambler model out of clubroot and old Silly Putty?

The author of this brain-rotting garbage is Ya’Ke Smith , an associate professor of film at the University of Texas at Austin. Doesn’t that background just scream out: “public policy expert”? The silly rant signals repeatedly that it is just passionate woke nonsense unhinged to facts. For example, he writes, “the execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis.” That’s signature significance: no honest writer or one who cares at all about facts, history, law and reality would write that. Floyd was not by any measure intentionally killed, so he cannot have been “executed.” If I wasn’t obligated to cover terrible punditry and journalism ethics here, I wouldn’t finish reading an essay that characterized Floyd’s death that way. Anyone who would do that is a liar or an idiot, or both.

Smith sides with the Stanford Law students who shouted down a judge invited to speak and the DEI dean who demonstrated her approval of censorship on campus. Of course he does. He bemoans the fact that “across the U.S., DEI policies and practices are being stripped away.” (The correct response is “Good!”) In defense of the group spoils effort, Smith makes no substantive arguments at all, just ideological jargon and blather. Like…

Those against DEI want people to become distracted by false notions of difference. This is a distraction that stops the fight against a larger power structure that keeps many Americans from understanding the truth of history. If we see each other as enemies, the real enemy can go unchecked. Implicit bias and hatred surrounds, consumes, and confines us. It is present in textbooks, churches, institutions of higher education, news media, art galleries, and films. DEI initiatives open the door to face these realities. They break down barriers and offer tools to destroy the walls of racism and hatred that have shaped this country.

Hey, if you say so, dude! In reality, “those against DEI” correctly regard the device as compensatory discrimination, anti-merit, anti-excellence, unconstitutional and Marxism cloaked in deceit, and a threat to individual liberty, fairness, and national unity. This DEI addict claims that a system designed to distribute societal benefits and achievements by racial, sexual and ethnic categories opposes the notion of “difference” when in truth it elevates favored differences achieved through no effort by the individual to virtual “Golden Tickets.” Smith never explains why arguing against DEI makes the critic a racist murderer. I guess it’s supposed to be obvious.

There is no justification for the Globe printing such fatuous, hysterical, poorly reasoned junk unless its real goal was to demonstrate to readers just how ridiculous DEI is, and the abysmal quality of thought displayed by its adherents. Somehow, given the Globe’s liberal pedigree and its locale, I find that unlikely.

And the sports section isn’t even any good now.

5 thoughts on “Incompetent Punditry, Irresponsible Paper: The Boston Globe Publishes An Op-Ed Called “DEI Denial Is The Modern Day Lynching”

  1. Oh my, we can’t have this. You need to report to Camp Taylor tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. SHARP for DEI reeducation. We’d prefer that you show up voluntarily, but if you choose to give us a hard time we won’t hesitate to send two big guys armed with guns to drag you there and if you happen to get a little scuffed up in the process, well that’s too bad.

    Bzzzzzzzzzzt! ⚡ Ooowwww! 😖

    That was 40. The dial goes to 200. Shall we try for 50?

    Bzzzzzzzzzzt! ⚡ Eeyooooowwww! 😱

    That was 50. Before I feel the need to turn to 60, look up there. How many lights are there?


    Bzzzzzzzzzzt! ⚡⚡ Aaaarghhhh!😧

    If we say it is five, how many lights are there?

    There are still four lights.

    Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! ⚡⚡⚡


    You’re just making it difficult if you resist. Now, how many lights are there?

    • I thought you’d have fun with this one. You’re welcome.
      Here’s what I find amazing: if DEI is such a valid movement, why are idiots like this guy the best ones the propaganda news media can find to defend it?

      • The same reason that if the Democratic Party line and ideas are so great, that all these blue cities haven’t solved all their problems decades ago. Namely, it’s a line of you know what.

      • Btw, I’m assuming you got the 1984 reference, and also the reference to Star Trek the next generation in which Patrick Stewart in the role of Jean-Luc Picard is tortured but will not say there are more than four lights (actually some very good acting on his part).

  2. Thank you for calling this hyperbole out. I was gobsmacked by the fact that this opinion piece came out of the recently revived ‘Emancipator’, a publication launched by Boston University’s Center for Anti-Racism Research, headed by Ibram X. Kendi, and The Boston Globe. Is this the best they can do? This is shameful, embarrassing, and outrageous, but the clickbait headline got me to read it, so the incendiary charge and rhetoric served its purpose, despite the gross false equivalency in this poorly executed position piece, rather than thoughtful, informed, persuasive argument.

    This guy is a hack. If what he so crudely strings together as a mash-up of recent headlines, like some college freshman writing assignment, with -0- exploration of the reasoning behind valid DEI critique that may be informing some of these state legislative and corporate moves, I can only imagine what his SJW films must be like. His UofT Austin bio is similarly self-aggrandizing. I don’t need to read any further. BU, The Boston Globe, and ‘The Emancipator’ they spawned and refashioned in their own 21st century image are hardly laudatory if this is the quality of articles they choose to promote and publish, they are part of the problem they so vociferously condemn.

    Interestingly, The Boston Globe recently pulled out of its affiliation with the publication this past month. But you won’t find any real reasons given that aren’t utterly veiled and predictably self-congratulatory.

    As a native Californian, the hypocrisy in MA is deep and mind boggling. With little to no introspection to be found, and self preservation at its finest, all I see are these ‘good’ people patting themselves and each other on the back, ad nauseum.

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