Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY)

Just listen to this guy! He’s just screaming and ranting, in a public place, adding no substance other than signalling to whatever apathetic, emotion-driven, lizard-brained fools who would vote for such a hack that he wants Congress to “do something” about gun violence. He isn’t persuading, he isn’t making a case, he isn’t informing anyone. This is a member of the U.S. Congress exhibiting the same level of social skills and civility as the typical Jerry Springer guest. He should be disciplined under the House ethics code for violating the very first rule on the list:

“A Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, officer, or employee of the House shall behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.”

He won’t be, of course. Democrats won’t hold him to a higher standard than a reality show contestant in a staged meltdown because they have no integrity or shame, and Republicans don’t want to be accused of being racists, or, as Jamaal would doubtlessly say “caring more about some damn rule than they do about dead kids!”

Br proud, 16th District! Take a bow, Democrats, progressives and anti-gun rights voters! This idiot is your representative. Res ipsa loquitur.

Prof. Turley, again in his annoying professorial circumspect mode, concludes that “this scene captured how rage has replaced reason in our public discourse.” No, Professor: it captures how Congress is polluted by unqualified jerks who couldn’t win a debate on the merits with a cheat sheet. I’m trying to imagine Tip O’Neill, John Quincy Adams, Shirley Chisolm, Jeanette Rankin, Newt Gingrich, or some of the House members who went on to distinguished careers in the Senate—John Glenn!— behaving like Bowman. I can’t. This is signature significance: no one who can be trusted to hold power in our government has a screaming fit even once.

To be fair, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky), who confronts Bowman, doesn’t exactly engender trust either. His solution to school shootings is to arm teachers? His “data” is that there haven’t been any shootings at schools where teachers have been packing? I don’t want to hear about “data” from people who don’t comprehend statistically significant sample size problems. There haven’t been enough shootings and there aren’t enough schools that have armed teachers for Massie’s”s “data” to have any more meaning than Bowman’s “The more guns you have, the more death!!!” simple-mindedness. He’s a dolt too, just of a more tolerable variety.

23 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY)

  1. “Arming teachers” is another example of the same language contorting deceptions the AUC is using regularly in their distortions of reality to advance their agenda. I can’t make out Massie enough to tell if those are his words, but clearly hear them from Bowman (who I very much doubt has taught in a school).

    The actual agenda is to remove prohibitions on the civil right to possess the preferred tool of self-defense for people who already can and do during the other three quarters of their lives spent off school grounds.

    To co-opt more of this language… People supporting these prohibitions are facilitating violence and genocide against school-occupied persons.

  2. No idea if Masse meant this, but damn near every “mass shooting” except gang violence has occurred in a gun free zone. I don’t 💬 no he is wrong, so much as unclear.

  3. Vitaeus made a point that I was going to make. It is evident that this particular shooter decided against his original target BECAUSE it had better security. I do not know if this meant armed resource officers or teachers or just more barriers. It makes little difference because either of the two would have been the reason she opted for a softer target.

    I would like to suggest a common-sense law to prevent gun violence. It is very simple: If you use a firearm in the commission of another crime such as assault, robbery, car-jacking or home invasion you will be executed irrespective if you harmed anyone. Further, every felonious crime shall be prosecuted as an adult, except for children age 10 or under, in which case the person supplying or otherwise making a weapon available shall be held responsible for the crimes committed by the child.

    If all those progressives want to be more like other countries why not choose Malaysia or Singapore?

    • Ummm, NO!
      There are more than enough laws on the books. The system is already scary enough without giving DAs even more charges to throw at someone. also once the punishment is death, the rest of the crime(s) are free.

      • But there day’s DA ‘s are not prosecuting those using firearms during the commission of a crime. The point I was trying to make was that we need to neuter those calling for common sense gun laws by forcing them to argue against stiff penalties for criminals. Let’s start changing the language from gun crime to start demanding action or common sense penalties for those perpetrating violent crime. Guns do not commit crimes so let’s be use specific language.

  4. Is Jamaal Bowman aware that some of his colleagues on his side of the aisle accused cops of habitually hunting down and gunning down unarmed Black men, and accused the criminal justice system of being systemicaly racist.

    Does he disagree?

  5. The left just arrested the nominal head of their political opposition. They can scream all they want, but the only way they are getting people’s guns at this point is to slaughter them and pry them from their cold dead fingers. They have spent far to much time demonstrating the purpose of the second amendment over the last few years to persuade anyone to give up their right to bear arms. The ability to defend oneself from a tyrannical government is front and center in people’s minds at this point. I’m sorry that the left eroded the foundations of civilized society to the point where psychopaths regularly shoot up schools. I’m sorry for the victims and for the families who have to suffer through these pointless acts of rampant violence. Unfortunately, there is no solution to the problem. You cannot stuff the toothpaste back in the tube. This behavior has been normalized. It isn’t going to stop. Giving up my rights won’t fix the issue, but even if it would I would still not agree to make myself helpless to a totalitarian government bent on enslavement of at minimum half the population of the country. Not happening. No amount of ranting and raving is going to make any impact whatsoever on my opposition to the disarmament of the people. They want the guns they will have to kill us all to get them.

  6. They’re not truly concerned about deaths from shootings, or even murders by any means. Focusing on that would reveal that it’s far and away their constituency that leads in those categories, by absolute numbers and percentages relative to population.

  7. Regarding that 1st rule, the House is (barely) under the leadership of Republicans. With Democrats choosing to let their members off the hook for bad behavior, it would be nice to see someone have to face consequences for their over-the-top, caught on video from multiple angles, screaming at other members of the House.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about accusations of racism. I think most people are dug-in about whether something is racist; Democrats make much more damaging (& fanciful) accusations against Republicans. No one who doesn’t already think that Extreme MAGA Republicans are racist would look at a disciplinary action against Bowman and think “they’re going after Bowman just because he’s black.”
    Massie made the mistake of trying to reason with a ranting crazy person who is of larger stature than himself. Bullies gonna bully.
    I support allowing teachers and other school personal to carry if they wish after being vetted. There are an unknowable amount of people who came to do evil that have reconsidered their plans upon realizing their target can provide formidable resistance. I cannot recall any school shootings where a teacher or other staff member has been the shooter.
    There are measures that can harden a school that wouldn’t make the schools into prisons as Biden calls them. Are kids traumatized going into a bank, getting on a commercial flight or entering a government building?
    Funny enough, the NRA will travel to assess a school’s vulnerabilities and even make suggestions to make the school a harder target even if it doesn’t involve arming the staff. They’ll do it for free, too.

  8. The demand is that Republicans have to question their attitude towards gun rights and gun laws to curtail shootings – because it’s about curtailing the right…not actually saving lives.

    No one ever demands Democrats introspectively consider whether or not their legal worldview and structures they’ve imposed are leading to more (seems to be leftists youngsters almost every single time) mass murderers.

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