A Bar Owner Learns That If You Are Going To Grandstand On A Principle You Better Be Ready To Accept The Consequences

At least I hope that he’s learned that. Right now, he looks like a phony, a hypocrite, and an idiot.

First, McKinley Minniefield, the owner of Fairfax Bar and Grill in Bloomington, Indiana, a college town where the woke wun fwee, issued a ringing statement on Facebook informing patrons that those who objected to transgender performance artist Dylan Mulvaney’s embrace by Bud Light would no longer be welcome in his establishment. “We are tired of all of the hate. We are very open to debate and discussion and it’s truly a shame that we can’t have open conversations about this important political and cultural topic,” Minniefield wrote. “Unfortunately due to all of the bigotry and hatred that has surfaced around the Bud Light controversy any patron wanting to voice their concerns about the issue will be immediately asked to pay their bill and leave our establishment.”

How collegiate of him! He’s open to debate and discussion, but not if the views discussed are the “wrong” ones.

“If you are intolerant of other humans of any kind, we ask that you keep your opinions to yourself. Should you feel the need to discuss this matter in public you will be asked to leave. We will not tolerate intolerance here,” the post continued. You would think the obvious contradiction in that last bit would have tipped the bar owner off that he was on metaphorical thin ice ethically, but apparently not.

Minniefield then got what he thought was positive publicity from his virtue-signaling (that had also signaled that he did not agree with the principle of freedom of speech), but quickly found that he had alienated a critical number of his regular customers, and the exodus had not been compensated for by grateful student LGTBQ activists swarming to a place where everybody knows their name. So what did he do?

He reversed himself! “A lot has been said – some correct, and some incorrect – and I want to clarify my stance,” the bar owner posted.

“What I really want to convey is this: just be respectful. Different opinions are welcome here as long as they are delivered respectfully. We’d no more want ugly, aggressive or rude interactions about which sports team someone thinks is better, than about societal issues.will not censor opinions, but we do require civility in this establishment We do not and will not censor opinions, but we do require civility in this establishment. So if you can’t play nice, then get out of the sandbox. That goes for everyone! Let’s remember why we even gather at a bar – to enjoy each other’s company – and raise a glass to civility.”

Then, in ultimate act of the grandstanding weenie, he removed his previous posts. “Intolerance of opposing views? What intolerance of opposing views?”

Minniefield might have slithered out of his self-created bind by writing a post apologizing for his excessive zeal in the earlier messages, since an “I shouldn’t have said what I said and I’m genuinely sorry for it” grovel was the best of a bad group of options once he decided that bar tabs were more important than alleged principles. But he didn’t.

Minniefield ‘s initial stand was unethical, as demanding that patrons in a social environment could not express “intolerance of any other humans” is censorious and opposed to basic American values. If he retracted that policy with a sincere explanation of why he now knew he was wrong, that would be relatively admirable. Instead, he just pretended that the principles he had so bravely declared as mandatory in his bar had vanished like Houdini’s elephant.

Minniefield should henceforth only appear in public with a paper bag over his head, and regarding any controversial topic in politics or societal norms, should keep his mouth and social media fingers still.

16 thoughts on “A Bar Owner Learns That If You Are Going To Grandstand On A Principle You Better Be Ready To Accept The Consequences

  1. I would understand if some of his patrons were harassing bar employees about selling Budweiser products and Bud Light in particular. No one who works with the public likes to be lectured by customers about how terrible they are for working at a place at which higher ups have allowed something to be said, done or sold that the customer doesn’t like.

    A social media post that said, “If you pile the hate on my employees because you don’t think we should be selling Bud Light, you will be asked to leave. My employees don’t decide what we sell. I do.” would be alright in my book. In fact, it would be admirable in my book.

    But he didn’t.

    And, yes, Bloomington is a woke bubble in super red Indiana. We have a few of those places here, unfortunately. At least, for now, Bloomington is safer than Gary. Heck, Mexico is safer than Gary.

    • dragin_dragon wrote, “My guess is that his bar will be closing soon.”

      My guess is it won’t close but it’ll take a hit and might change management. It’s the only place around that area for decent food and a comfortable environment. This place is not in downtown Bloomington, it’s out near the boat launch and marina on Lake Monroe south of town. Four Winds Grill down the street is no competition, it caters to the boat launch crowd.

  2. Oh my, it’s a small world!

    I went to Bloomington South High School with one of the cooks at the Fairfax Bar and Grill! Well he was the cook the last time I talked to him. He was one of my guitar playing buddies back in the day. We used to go down to Dunkirk Square just off the IU campus, play guitar and sing for drinks and tips, we did pretty well. Last time I talked to him he lived two doors down the street from the Fairfax Bar and Grill with his daughter’s family. I wonder how Mark is doing these days. Maybe I’ll have to see if he’s around and swing by for a brief visit when I’m down there for my family reunion which is coming up relatively soon.

    • Update.

      I contacted my old buddy Mark and just heard back. He still works at the Fairfax Bar and Grill and he said business is doing just fine, the news is hyping the whole Bud Light fiasco out of proportion. He said “we lost a few rednecks…that’s cool”.

      I think it’s “interesting” that he thinks that those who thought the Bud Light promotion was too over the top “woke” for a beer manufacturer are rednecks, especially since he’s the epitome of a redneck and always has been. To be completely transparent, I’m a redneck by definition too and always have been.

      Redneck: a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area.

  3. The bar/restaurant that I get food from weekly has pulled Bud Light from their taps because people simply stopped ordering it. From what I hear from the bartenders I know is, that nothing was said by patrons they simply stopped ordering it. We’ll see how long this kind of product boycott lasts, I’m guessing that a lot of people will forget about it in short order and want their Bud Light back.

  4. I’m not surprised the bar owner tried this. My wife and I are grads of IU Bloomington in the mid-70s and even back then the progressives far outnumbered all other viewpoints. But it is a beautiful campus!

  5. Well boys and girls, let’s not forget where one of my most favorite movies, “Breaking Away,” takes place: Bloomington Indiana. The movie starts with the townie guys on a hill overlooking the IU practice football field as the players begin pre-season practice. One townie says to another, “They just keep getting younger and younger each year.” And the movie gets better and better from there.

    And there’s the car salesman dad, “Get this Eeenie shit out of here!”

    So there’s IU, and there’s Bloomington.

  6. Steve, from the fall of 1970 to spring 1975 I lived in Wright Quad. We may well have passed one another on campus!!

    • I spent some time in Teter (sp) Quad across the street from the main library, a wild place in the weekends. Spent a lot of time in the Hyper working out and playing pool in the union.

      Did you ever go to the movie theater down the street from the library for the Halloween for the silent Dracula movie with the awesome pipe organ?

    • My sister-in-law graduated from IU in 75, I think business. My two older brothers and my mother graduated from IU in 76, in Physics, Business and Psychology respectively.

      I never actually went to IU, (I later went to Madison College and UW-Madison) I was in High School in those days. I spent almost all of my non-guitar playing free time on the IU campus. Part of that time was doing my miniscule part to help organize Bloomington’s very first “High School” aged soccer team using IU soccer players as coaches and ref’s. My part while not on the field playing either full-back or half-back was to help coach the newer & younger players and attend IU team practices with a few of my teammates to be on the opposing practice team. Got to know a few of the IU soccer players pretty well, I’ve long forgotten their names but I do remember one of my teammates, and personal friend, Azim Yassin (who now lives in Malaysia) and I think his older brother was on the IU team. I went to both of Bloomington’s High Schools and neither of them had soccer teams at that time, they do now specifically because of our efforts in 73-75.

      Lots of good times were had in Bloomington in the early-mid 70’s.

  7. Wait, what? You mean that this story doesn’t end with any loss of customers more than compensated for by a huge number of grateful wokesters replacing them plus more than 20%? This isn’t one of those situations where the woke can just sneer and say that those who disagree with them will all be dead soon anyway?

    Makes me wonder if these bitter posts on articles the talk about how establishments who bar or harass police officers, veterans, or other non-wolf people continue to flourish because more tolerant younger people always come in to replace the less tolerant are in fact the bs I always believed they were.

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