Enjoying Seeing Open Borders Hypocrites Squirm, Part II

It is rather glorious, though I can wipe the smile off my face by remembering how many doltish knee-jerks fall for the posturing of such unscrupulous politicians as Eric Adams, the mayor of NYC, and Lorie Lightfoot, the deservedly soon-to-be-unemployed mayor of Chicago. New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are sanctuary cities (among others), which means that they literally invited illegal immigrants to defy U.S. laws and cross our borders. Welcoming them sent the message that major American metropolises would not assist in the enforcement of our laws, and the cynical non-performance of the Department of Homeland Security reinforced that message.

Now those cities are freaking out as the prospect of more illegals being transported to their metaphorical doorsteps and left there like abandoned babies of yore yawns before them. (Good.) The Title 42 policy, which is about to expire with the already unethically extended pandemic public health emergency, will no longer be around to discourage border-crossers, and it is estimated that 10,000 of them will arrive daily once the public health restrictions end. As usual, it will be the border towns that bear the brunt of the chaos, though those municipalities are emphatically not sanctuaries. Texas governor Greg Abbott, and probably some other governors as well, will resume his policy of busing as many of the invaders to sanctuary cities as possible, causing sanctuary city mayors to cry out indignantly about having to deal with the problem they helped create.

Part I of this theme, if you have forgotten, was posted here last September. That’s when the smug little enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, which sported “Illegals welcome!” signs like this…

was suddenly faced with actual people arriving. The islanders did not take it well. The towns treated the “migrants” little better than Alex Kintner-eating sharks, and quickly shipped the newly arrived border-defiers to a military base, triggering MSNBC’s progressive hacks and Hillary Clinton to claim that governors who transport illegals to welcoming shores areengaged in “human trafficking.” This was both legal and logical nonsense. Then Gavin Newsom, whose whole state is a “sanctuary,’ accused Abbott of “using kids as political pawns.” This raised raised the bar in the hypocrisy competition, for, as the EA post noted, “The Open Borders progressives have applauded the illegal use of children by border-breaching aliens, and revved up the “Think of the children!” chorus to a scream when President Trump had to separate alien children from illegally migrating parents in the same emergency enclosures Obama used…”

Today I’m happy to report that Mayor Adams and Mayor Lightfoot have crushed prior records for hypocrisy by the Open Borders crowd. Lightfoot criticized Abbott for resuming the “inhumane and dangerous” busing of migrants to Chicago, citing the city’s lack of “shelters, spaces, or resources.” Chicago lacks “shelters, spaces, or resources”?

As one Twitter wag snarked, small Texas border towns deserve to be overwhelmed for being so stupid as to built their towns so near to Mexico. If Chicago doesn’t have “shelters, spaces, or resources” to take care of illegal immigrants, why did Chicago announce that illegal immigrants were welcome there?

But Adams topped Lightfoot easily with this head-exploding statement:

Got that? Adams is not only whining about the arrival of the very people his city said would find sanctuary there, he is also equating making him and other sanctuary city mayors put their money where there mouths are with racism! This guy’s amazing: he’s going for the Open Borders Hypocrisy record AND the Using Racism as a Defense For Incompetence and Failure record at the same time.

Somebody should tell him that there are six towns in Martha’s Vineyard, and no black mayors to be found.

5 thoughts on “Enjoying Seeing Open Borders Hypocrites Squirm, Part II

  1. As much as I’d like to enjoy seeing those virtual-signaling idiots squirm, I cannot because I’m well aware the left is getting exactly what they want and that they are ultimately winning in the long run. Ultimately, the long term plan is creating a tribal society with no clear majority nor common culture, with large segment of it hooked perpetually on government handouts and another segment in constant fear of being deported thus birthing loyal voters.
    Being a child of (legal) immigrants I obviously have no objection to immigration per se. However, our “immigration” policy should never be paying millions not to work when we have millions of low pay manual jobs, while importing millions of unskilled, uneducated “immigrants” to do those exact jobs.

  2. We Respect Women…
    …especially white women from rich families who expect the best of everything for nothing and carry on like sorority girls. Women of color trying to make it work honestly for their kids, not so much, although they make decent maids and servers.

    We Value Black Lives…
    …as long as they are far away from here and making life miserable for those white folks not rich enough to move out here or who hide in the back country. Here, we don’t want them around, except in commerce and only as long as they have business here.

    We Stand With Our LGBTQ Community Members…
    …At least as long as all we have to do is put up a rainbow flag and say yes to gay marriages and transgender kids…in some other community.

    We Stand With Immigrants and Refugees…
    …as long as they go anyplace other than here.

    We Stand With Indigenous Peoples…
    …as long as there aren’t any on this island, although we’ll read the land acknowledgement again and again, gladly.

    We Stand With People of All Faiths…
    …except Catholics, Baptists, more conservative Jews and those faiths that actually stand for something other than spiritualized leftism.

    We Stand With Our Community…
    …the operative word being OUR, as in ours and no one else’s.

    All Are Welcome Here…
    …subject to the above.

    Hate Has No Business Here…
    …hate? who said anything about hate. We don’t hate anyone. We just pour well-deserved contempt on those deserving of it.

    There, fixed the sign for you.

  3. The purpose of illegal immigration is to demonstrate to the populace that the elites can do whatever they want. Laws don’t apply to them. Consequences don’t apply to them. They will flood the country with unskilled labor and drive your wages down whenever they feel like it. They will sex traffic children whenever they feel like it. They will import criminals and dump them in your neighborhood to terrorize you whenever they feel like it. They will refuse to prosecute those criminals whenever they feel like it. They will take your money and give it to anyone they want whenever they feel like it. They will refuse to suffer the same consequences as you by deporting all these people back to your side of town, of course, because they are special and you are not.

    I don’t see them squirming. They are mocking people. Demonstrating that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. This is a raw display of power over the little people.

  4. Is the accusation of people being bussed “against their will” to NYC with security guards holding them hostage accurate? I’ve read that it is entirely voluntary process and that anyone can leave at any scheduled stop (but that requested unscheduled stops may not be allowed, which may be where the allegations of being taken “hostage” come from — although these are the same rules that apply when I take a bus).

    • As someone who has driven a bus interstate, one of the requirements of having a Passenger Endorsement was consideration of whether it was safe to discharge a passenger. An Interstate or Freeway was out of bounds, as was anywhere else that didn’t allow hitchhiking.
      I presume that these buses are chartered, which means their routing was likely mostly on a Freeway, stopping only at pre-determined Rest Stops.

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