San Francisco: “You’ve Done An Exemplary Job, John, And You’re Out, Because You’re A White Male…” [Corrected]

You have to hand it to the San Francisco Elections Commission. It was open, transparent and honest, and presented its compensatory racism without shame or obfuscation. This is, however, because in the Bizarro culture of San Francisco, “good” discrimination because of race and gender is nothing to be ashamed of. From the moment that “diversity-equity-inclusion became the latest woke buzz term, this episode was inevitable. The question, after the heads of all rational Americans stop exploding like Krakatoa, is “Now what?”

San Francisco Department of Elections director John Arntz has run the elections for the county and the city for 20 years. The San Francisco Elections Commission praised Arntz for his “incredible leadership,” but voted 4-2 not to renew his contract. Though all twelve election directors signed a letter requesting that Arntz be reappointed, he is now out of a job. Election commissioners were clear that their decision to dismiss him had nothing to do with inadequacies in his effectiveness in performing his duties, but, it was explained, there are more important things than being good at your job.

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Case Study In Minneapolis: The Compensatory Racial Discrimination Slippery Slope

Or perhaps they just don’t believe in the Constitution in Minneapolis—you know, like in California. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers struck a deal last March 25 with the Minneapolis Public Schools ending a teacher strike, and among the provisions was “educators of color protections.” If a non-white teacher is first on the list to be let go for budget reasons, the school system must fire a white teacher with the “next least” seniority instead.

Got that?

The agreement reads in part,

“Starting with the Spring 2023 Budget Tie-Out Cycle, if excessing a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population.”

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Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ethics Villain William Treanor, Georgetown Law Center Dean

I hate to pick on Georgetown’s Dean: I knew three of his predecessors well, was good friends with two of them, and I took a class from a fourth. However, Treanor, the current dean, has been substantially responsible for my estrangement from my legal alma mater (and where I worked for seven years, creating the school’s capital fund and launching its alumni magazine, among other adventures), my boycott of my class reunions, and the current position of my framed diploma, once proudly displayed, now on the floor, front to the wall.

The section from his Dean’s column in the current issue of that aforementioned magazine (GULC eventually dumped the title the original version carried, “Res Ipsa Loquitur”) signals that an unethical course is being plotted by Treanor. A creature of Yale Law School, traditionally the most political and ideologically biased of major U.S. law schools (Treanor transferred there from Harvard Law because Harvard wasn’t liberal enough), the Dean’s column attains pure demagoguery in that passage, the guts of the text.

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Illinois State’s Sinister Test To Weed Out Free Thinkers [Bad Link Fixed!]

As President George H.W. Bush said in what was for him a ringing moment of oratory, “This will not stand!” If it does, we’re all in even more trouble than we thought.

Illinois State University will require students to pass a “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) course to be eligible to graduate. This brazen qualification will be applicable to the entering class beginning next year. The new “Have you been successfully indoctrinated?” mandate is called ” Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in U.S. Society”  or “IDEAS.” Clever! It’s a really unethical and anti-democratic idea, though.

“The fact is that majority of our students are going to spend their careers and lives in the U.S. and that it was important for them to understand the history, the structures that influence equity, diversity and inclusion issues here at home,” said Rocio Rivadeneyra, ISU associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. She chaired the task force which sculpted the IDEAS recommendation. That means that she is openly hostile to the idea of a liberal education, in which students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills with which they can evaluate information from a wide range of disciplines and viewpoints to come to their own conclusions. None of that at ISU! Complete your studies thoroughly indoctrinated in GoodThink, or you don’t get a diploma, Proles! Continue reading