Steven Slater And The Rest of the Story: No Surprises

Occasionally, there is cosmic justice. The astounding number of bloggers, media commentators and  ordinary working folks who have expressed admiration for Steven Slater, the irresponsible and unprofessional flight attendant who threw a tantrum of Adam Sandler proportions at the end of a recent Jet Blue flight, appears to have been itching for a confrontation throughout the flight, and had behaved is a rude and provocative manner to more than one passenger.

Well, of course. The only people who should be surprised at this are those who somehow allowed their own fantasies of telling off rude customers or unfeeling bosses to blind them to the reasons they never actually act out their daydreams.

Fair, rational, considerate and responsible  professionals literally never behave like Slater. Mistreated waiters don’t throw drinks in diners’ faces. Badly treated phone repair personnel don’t yank phones out of the walls. House painters who feel abused don’t paint houses with polka dots, teachers don’t curse out their misbehaving classes and jump out the window, and lawyers who don’t like their clients don’t moon them in trial. That’s because, at their core, they know it’s wrong, and have the sense not to engage in obviously wrongful conduct just because it would momentarily feel good.

Not Steven Slater. Slater didn’t have that sense, not because he was brave, principled, or a working class hero, but because he is self-centered, unprofessional, immature, and a coward. He had unfortunate problems in his life, and decided it was his right to take out his frustration on everyone around him. If everyone acted like him, civilization would last about ten minutes.

There’s your hero, ladies and gentlemen. Still think he’s a role model, do you?

Every single person who expressed any admiration or sympathy for Slater should be hanging his or her head in embarrassment, not because Slater wasn’t what he seemed to be, but because he was exactly what he seemed to be...a petty, selfish, publicity-seeking, unethical jerk.

PS: Thelma and Louise were unethical jerks too.

3 thoughts on “Steven Slater And The Rest of the Story: No Surprises

  1. “That’s because, at their core, they know it’s wrong, and have the sense not to engage in obviously wrongful conduct just because it would momentarily feel good.”

    Either that or they like having an income…
    I do agree he was wrong. I think, or at least hope, most people are calling him a “folk hero” partly tounge in cheek because it’s pretty funny to picture someone sliding down that chute beer in hand. Clear he is an alcoholic that feel off the wagon.

    Blog post for my thoughts on this whole mess

    • If they don’t do it because they want a job, that’s compliance. If they don’t do it because it’s wrong, that’s ethics. Many of the defenders are NOT doing so tongue in cheek. Many have argued that he was justified, and even that he should get his job back.

  2. I read several Facebook posts who were in favor of Slater, giving him kudos for what he did. My reply was that many people, especially those in the service industry, have had thoughts of telling off a particularly rude customer. To see someone actually do it gave him a temporary folk-hero status, and I suspected it wouldn’t last very long.
    As an aside, I couldn’t stand “Thelma & Louise.”

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