Comment of the Day: “Ronbo” on His Own Previous “Frivolous Complaint of the Month”

Ron Barbour, Tea Party warrior, has a priceless post on his website in response to Ethics Alarms’ flagging of his letter “demanding” that the Secret Service arrest the director of the Missoula “Mikado” for updating “The Lord High Executioner’s” gag list of societal irritants to include Sarah Palin.

I would normally post highlights at this point, but everyone should check out his website to see the face of hateful extremism first hand, and how it burns up IQ points like kindling. This is political activism mutated into a total war mentality, where fairness to the perceived enemy is translated as proof of alliance with the enemy. Ron thinks I am a Leftist, which is tied only with “New York Yankee fan” as the thing I have most seldom been accused of being.

Don’t miss this…you will find it here.

12 thoughts on “Comment of the Day: “Ronbo” on His Own Previous “Frivolous Complaint of the Month”

  1. Holy Crap! It’s like this guy doesn’t read because he can’t be bothered with facts! How many people even read his writings? Perhaps you were the first and now he’s all giddy that he got a shred of attention…

  2. This guy’s a lunatic! He thinks you’re a front for Communism. Any sane person knows you’re a front for vampire Martian centaurs from the center of the Earth!

  3. I must admit to laughing aloud when I saw the photo of Michael Moore in an article regarding you.
    Jack Marshall = Michael Moore?

  4. “A website named “Ethics Alarms” is part of this Leftist Internet Cabal whose hidden goal is to make anything the Left does look ethical, rational and mainstream. ”

    I can’t write for the laughter — seriously? Has he read anything else you ever wrote?

  5. Here it is, Feb. 14 (Happy Valentine’s Day!), “Mikado” closed a couple weeks ago, and folks are STILL sending letters to the editor of the daily Missoulian.

    The mentality of a Mr. Barbour (aka “Ronbo”) would be hilarious, were it not so sad. His choice of nom-de-plume is a tip-off. Besides its echoes of the Italian Stallion’s character, Rambo, it calls up an heroic mental picture of a modern Don Quixote, bravely doing battle with the dastardly leftist Enchanters, a lonely voice crying in the wilderness.

    But the thing usually forgotten about the admirable Don Q. is that he was a deluded madman. Sad.

    • After reading your post, I read a couple letters sent to the editor of the Missoulian. Indeed, you are right about folks still sending letters to the Editor regarding the Mikado. I appreciate their comments and agree with them, but it’s time to put this puppy to bed.

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