Comment of the Day: “Ethics Carnage in Wisconsin: The Ethics Grades So Far”

Commenter Glenn Logan argues that President Obama’s C- Ethics Grade in the post is too high. Here is his Comment of the Day, on the post “Ethics Carnage in Wisconsin: The Ethics Grades So Far.”

“I think that Obama is getting grade inflation here. Obama was elected to lead all Americans, not just unions.

“While Walker’s position and comments may be imperfect, and Obama is certainly within his rights to disagree, it is his duty to all Americans to at least take the other side into account. Presidents who are entirely partisan are poor presidents, and in this instance, a C- is unfairly high.

“Combine that with his pronouncement to Republicans after he was elected that “Elections have consequences, and I won,” and in my view, you have an ethics train wreck.  This is as two-faced and unfair as it is possible to be, and dispatching his political organization to inject an even more partisan impact into the problem and the best grade I could give him is a D-.”

One thought on “Comment of the Day: “Ethics Carnage in Wisconsin: The Ethics Grades So Far”

  1. I agree with Glenn Logan. Obama’s ego won’t let him go where his feet want to take him. (Or his feet would move toward the middle if his misguided advisors/funders didn’t physically pull him back). He IS a political creature, after all.

    Obama’s various comments aside, any Chief Executive of the United States who would make inflammatory political statements about one state’s attempt to deal with a budget crisis, then “slash” the national budget on one hand and while simultaneously INCREASING the budgets of WETA and NPR is simply not trustworthy. Neither WETA nor NPR will ever become the “President’s News Service” he apparently thinks he so richly deserves. (If only for the simple reason that so few listen to them…MSNBC and its deceit and lying are the best he’ll get…) But cable, satellite, and the Internet have basically put those “hoping for Howard Hughes” out of business. Sorry, Mr. President, you missed your chance at the media stranglehold when you waited about three decades too long to run for office…

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