It’s About Time! Dept.: Charlie Sheen, Ethics Uber-Dunce, Gets What He Deserves

Charlie Sheen, The Amazing Human Ethics Train Wreck

Up until yesterday, the message CBS and Warner Bros. had been sending to the culture by its handling of the ongoing Charlie Sheen embarrassment was this: you can break laws, try to strangle your wife, publicly betray multiple spouses, neglect your children, dive drunk, use illegal drugs, generally behave like a spoiled, anti-social ass without showing  any remorse or contrition, and corporations will still pay you a million dollars a week and tell America you are a terrific guy as long as you keep making  them big profits.

There are two lessons for the kids there. The true and useful one regards the values and priorities of corporations. Good to know. The false one was that there are no consequences of irresponsible behavior if you are a big shot.

Oh, yes there are. The consequences are that eventually misbehaving big shots start to think they are invulnerable, as the refusal of others to hold them to ethical norms makes them mutate into toxic jerks who are impossible to ignore. It happened to human Ethics Train Wreck Charlie Sheen. After he had been given yet another chance to continue in his top rated sit-com “Two and a Half Men”, he went on a radio show and, apparently sober for once, repeatedly insulted his show’s creator, Chuck Lorre.  Fool! You can defy society’s standards of decent behavior for years, but once you start making a producer who churns out profitable TV shows mad, you’ve really gone too far.

Can someone be a bigger jerk than Charlie Sheen? It’s a question for the ages. Chuck Lorre rescues him from Hollywood trash heap to play a funny TV character very much like Charlie Sheen, and the show revives his career and makes him rich. He repeatedly embarrasses his boss, the network and the show itself by his outrageous off-screen conduct, and yet keeps his job. Then he publicly trashes Lorre,  and virtually forces the network to pull the plug on his show. Naturally, he doesn’t care about his co-stars and the other solid professionals who also had a hand in making “Two and a Half Men” a success, who his rant got fired too. He doesn’t care about the show’s loyal audience. He just cares about himself.

We can only hope that Hollywood has finally learned its lesson about the trustworthiness of Charlie Sheen.

I wouldn’t bet on it.

Note: If anyone writes that Charlie Sheen’s First Amendment rights have been infringed, I will scream.

10 thoughts on “It’s About Time! Dept.: Charlie Sheen, Ethics Uber-Dunce, Gets What He Deserves

  1. In the ancient Greek tragedies it was called “hubris”.

    In the Old Testament, Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction…”

    Modern word is “arrogance”, root meaning is “not subject to questioning”.

  2. Well, actually the Biblical proverb says that pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. But I agree with the general idea.

    Looking at Charlie’s career, one wonders if his father has had second thoughts about choosing a stage name based on Bishop Fulton Sheen, whose ethical orientation differs a bit from Charlie’s.

  3. Charlie Sheen’s First Amendment rights have clearly been infringed. The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951 of India clearly states that people have a right pursue their trade. Charlie Sheen is being prevented from pursuing his trade of acting. Quod erat demonstrandum.

  4. Was Sheen ever acting on ANY show? And I include “Hot Shots, Part Deaux” in this! I think some people (like myself!) enjoyed some of his performances due to his irreverent, baby boomer style antics. However, unlike the real, aging thing (again, like myself) Sheen never developed any perspective of ethical reality over his self-contained universe. He’s a Creature of Hollywood who never learned, unlike some of his compatriots, to partially conceal his creature-dom.

    Chuck Lorre, however, has no ethical leg to stand on, either. Nor an intellectual one. For the former, he’s continually presented us with disfunctional families (with children!) as TV entertainment with no quibble at all as to the impact his ever-raunchier escapades would have on young minds… or even the basic morality of it. As to the latter- My God, even an airhead like Denise Richardson finally wised up to the fact that Charlie was too self-obsessed to grant anyone attention or respect beyond the boundaries of his own little godhead. And Lorre is surprised by Sheen’s rants against him? Get real, Chuck… if you’re able.

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