Ethics Dunce: Melissa Leo

Give the soap to Melissa, Ralphie...

That certainly settled it: Melissa Leo is an inexcusable boor after all.

Winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Leo blurted out, “Really, really, really, WOW” and then,“When I watched, it looked so fucking easy!”

And thus do tasteless, disrespectful, uncivil so-called professionals degrade our language, public standards of decency and respect for others.

“Those words, I apologize to anyone they offend,” said the giddy Leo later.”There is a great deal of the English language in my vernacular.”

No, there’s a great deal of cement in her skull and a complete absence of common sense and self-restraint in every other part of your body. She apologizes to anyone who is offended by the word “fucking,” which presumable those offended by it being uttered from the podium before 9 PM on a show widely viewed by families. I suppose that means Leo isn’t apologizing to those who she considers the cool among us, the ones who think it’s fine for “fuck” to be an accepted part of what passes for genteel discourse, people like Howard Stern, Joe Biden, Barnacle Bill the Sailor, or her.

Leo knew she was a likely winner, knew the show was live, knew she was at a formal awards ceremony broadcast live around the world, and yet she still dropped an f-bomb. She did so because she doesn’t care, because she had no respect for the audience, because she is one of the large and growing hoard of inarticulate, gross and arrogant clods who would make our society progressively cruder, less polite and uncivil. Next year, perhaps she’ll blurt out “cunt” and apologize to the prudes who are offended by that word. Don’t bet against it.

Like Janet Jackson’s turning the once family-friendly Super Bowl into a peep show by baring her breast, Leo thinks a modicum of fame and the status of an “artist” allows her to coarsen the view and the sounds where trusting Americans think they are safe from obscenity, profanity, and tawdriness. The Academy Awards have been handed out since silent films, and in all those years, among all the winners, only Melissa Leo had to say “fucking.” Why?

Because she’s an Ethics Dunce, that’s why.

6 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Melissa Leo

  1. Jack, you have ruined the bowdlerized version of “Barnacle Bill” that I have loved for so long. I thought it was such an innocuous song, but then I had to look up the original version. Now I’ll never be able to hear my grandmother innocently sing the first bowdlerized verse without cringing a little.

  2. The English language is so degraded now by jerks, rappers, Hollywood and slobs in general that I am not amazed or even shocked by her behavior. My mother always said you could pick out the boors by the way they talked. She was right, of course.

  3. Anyone who thinks that “Barnacle Bill the Sailor” is innocuous has never been around active duty sailors. I’ve probably heard a thousand verses from those guys; each one filthier than the last. Of course, when you’re stuck at sea for months on end, you have to exercise your literary imagination somehow!

    Melissa Leo and her crowd are “all at sea”, too. The Sea of Scurrilousness. Hollywood is only one island in those septic waters… but it’s the most visible of the chain. Besides, why should she care? An act of unethicality (if such a thing is even recognized there anymore) helped get her the award. Thanks to unethical judges and a mindblowingly worthless FCC, The Word is now common fare on TV. I mean broadcast TV, too! She’s just doing what comes natural to her and her peers.

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