The Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour : Unethical Performer, Unethical Audience

"Ladies and gentlemen, CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

Charlie Sheen charged the public money for his “Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour” and didn’t bother to give them anything coherent or entertaining for it. Live blogging of the “show’s” first performance in Detroit indicates that Sheen is simply continuing to spout the semi-surreal egomaniacal gibberish he has been giving to various interviewers, and doing little more. Audience members are walking out in droves.

Unprofessional. Unfair. Disrespectful. Dishonest.


As for that audience, yecch. Those who are there to support Sheen, a preening, sexist abuser who is neither trustworthy nor reliable, and who places his own pleasures above commitments, family and friendships, are endorsing antisocial values and despicable conduct. Those who bought tickets in hope of witnessing a “happening” are arguably worse, enabling an addict tottering on the brink of a nervous breakdown, and hoping that they will be there to see it.

Irresponsible, reckless, mean


Sheen is unethical to charge money for doing nothing worth paying for; his audience is the equivalent of the saloon patrons in the Old West who paid drunks to dance. They are preying on each other. What a revolting and depressing spectacle it must be.

9 thoughts on “The Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour : Unethical Performer, Unethical Audience

  1. Still, the current Sheen hubbub isn’t about his mistreatment of women. If we were going to be outraged about that, we had the last two decades to tune the guy out. Instead, we make him a giant movie and TV star. No, this backlash springs from the fact that Sheen is currently saying and doing things that society claims to view as not “normal.”

    The audience, perhaps, wishes to vicariously live his life?

  2. As I am currently in rehearsal for the play whose preface introduced the word “surrealism,” I must object to even “semi-surreal” as a description of Charlie Sheen’s actions. My show will be strange, but it will be both intellectually coherent and entertaining to those willing to go on the journey with us; neither of those descriptions applies to Mr. Sheen.

  3. I’m so sick of the Charlie Sheen talk I could puke. Where’s his “well respected” father in all this? Martin Sheen could go to court and have his son committed. That’s where he belongs. And once out of the public eye I won’t ever have to hear about him again.

    PS He’s not the only “crazy” who has “graced” stage and screen. And no one took care of them, either.

    • Considering some of the horrible opinions that you write, I think your father should go to court and have his daughter committed. Similarly, I have no idea why I haven’t been committed my my well respected father.

      Unless he actually can’t function in society, forced committal(?)commission(?) committing(?) institutionalization is unlikely.

      • You were addressing this comment to Elizabeth and not me, correct?

        Martin Sheen built Charlie brick by brick. I’d say even a thought of committing his son would be such an abdication of accountability that it would top out his own career of self-obsession and irresponsibility. I suspect Charlie is a daily reminder to Sheen of what celebrity parenthood by largely absentee, drug promoting dads can produce, and if he is doing anything about Charlie, and I hope he is helping out, it id decidedly and appropriately behind the scenes.

        • Yea, that was to Elizabeth.

          I think that’s what parenthood can produce in general. Is Emilio Estevez a reminder of what celebrity parenthood by largely absentee, drug promoting dads can produce as well? One anecdote does not make a trend.

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