Facebook, Truth Trap: The Saga of the Belly Dancing Invalid

Just imagine how she could dance if she weren't disabled!

Facebook is beginning to reveal itself as a kind of truth trap for the unethical. It is infinitely more difficult to live a lie when you give the world a window into your life via social media. The choice may be between undiscovered fraud protected by social isolation, and blogging candor resulting in unpleasant justice. Indeed, not being on Facebook may create suspicions that some individuals are hiding misconduct. And they just might be, for if they become active on Facebook, the Truth Trap is waiting.

Take the Saga of the Belly Dancing Invalid.

Dorothy McGurk was stripped of a divorce settlement she had forced out of her ex-husband three years ago, when a court ruled that her Facebook entries proved she wasn’t unable to work as she had claimed. He was paying her $850 a month for life, and she got to live in their home after a judge ruled in 2008  that a 1997 car accident had left her too injured to support herself. But that was before McGurk started blabbing about her love of belly dancing to her Facebook friends.

“My belly-dancing is the reason why I adore myself so much,” McGurk wrote. “Today I decided to dedicate myself more to my dance.Even though I dance everyday, it’s not enough. It won’t be enough until I dance for you all, until you feel my euphoria.” Later she posted, “Today as I danced myself silly, I lifted my head and elongated my neck as I swirled around.”

(Yes, she is an idiot.)

In one Facebook exchange, a friend asked Dancing Dorothy why she hadn’t  posted photos of one of her more recent belly-dancing performances. “Gotta be careful what goes on line pookies,” she answered. “The ex would love to fry me with that.” The response was, unfortunately, also on-line.

Busted. And fry her he did.

Confronted with the Facebook evidence in court, Dorothy McGurk told the court she was prescribed belly dancing as therapy for her injuries. After everyone stopped laughing about that one, her own doctor denied it under oath.

The judge stripped McGurk of her settlement last week,  ordered her to pay her ex-husband $5,000 plus interest for lawyer’s fees, and told her to vacate the house, noting that anyone who could wiggle around the clock could haul her belly to work, something she apparently did for only two of the eleven years she was married.

Justice is served. Thank you, Facebook!

16 thoughts on “Facebook, Truth Trap: The Saga of the Belly Dancing Invalid

  1. Somehow there needs to be some controls placed over access to personal information posted on Facebook. You provide an excellent example of what can happen when unfettered access exists. I guess it’s too much to ask for Facebook to regulate itself. While the belly dancer may have gotten what was coming to her, it’s the manner in which it occurred that should be of concern to all of us who post on the social media site. I can imagine all kinds of bad things happening down the road such as a personal post about being in pain that is accessed by pharmaceutical companies which send out “free samples,” contact you by e-mail or phone, or otherwise solicit in an unethical manner.

      • Yeah, but she is a liar, a cheat, AND an idiot. If she’s so stupid as to broadcast her perjury, lying, cheating — proudly, I may add — she doesn’t deserve privacy. If she had told her “pookies” friends on
        Facebook that she had MURDERED her ex-husband, would anyone be complaining about her “privacy?” Come ON…

    • See my reply to Marshall. E-mails are barely private; other e-communications are per se public, as far as I’m concerned. Really, do people on Facebook really have “hundreds” of “friends?” Nonsense. Put it out there and you’ve given up your privacy.

    • It was as private as she made it. Facebook has provided all the tools necessary to protect your information. Undoubtedly, this woman had all of the privacy controls in place to only allow her friends to see her posts. However, she probably had one person as a friend that was probably more committed to the truth and to what was right than to her.

    • Ultimately, CONNTROL over the personal info posted belongs with the person doing the posting.

      My maternal grandfather (1850-1930) was a pretty smart lawyer. He told his four daughters, “Never put anything in writing that you would not want to see posted in the town square.”

    • There are actually Privacy options (or however you put it) on facebook…. It’s her fault that she didn’t restrict her husband’s access to her Facebook Wall. For someone as hopelessly Dishonest, Opportunistic and Ignorant as she is, She sure is very loud mouthed…. She should go get a brain Transplant.

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  4. It’s kinda hard for me to feel sorry for her abused privacy. I think that one has a screw loose if they post anything on facebook or other so-called social sites, and expect that it will not bite them in the ass. People value their faux celebrity far more than they value privacy. Witness an entire generation of idiots who think that Jackass is some sort of paen to courage. People will trade anything and everything if it makes them some sort of media sensation. I laugh at them when they get burned.

  5. It behooves one to always remember that whatever one posts on the internet (the ULTIMATE community message board) is not only liable to be read by anyone with internet access, but stays there for the life of the website. I made that point constantly to children online as a warning as per their personal security and their personal ethics. But it carries over to adults, too. Especially those who, like Dorothy McGurk, never really acquired maturity of thought and deed.

  6. I know her, she used a car accident to get a huge lawsuit because of her injiuries to her back but she could walk her dogs, clean her house and fight with her husband all the time. she even refused him sex because she said her back hurt too much….and when her brother died…she even screwed his partner out of his part of the estate! sticking the partner with the funeral costs and refusing to pay the bill….great sister right and a horrible wife!!

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