Crystal’s Evil Plot: Competition for Fick?


More attractive than Leroy Fick, but just as rotten inside...

Leroy Fick, the lottery winner/millionaire who still shamelessly collects food stamps because a flawed law lets him, was laps ahead in the race for the Creep of the Year  (non-criminal division), when out of the pack came Crystal Harris in a sprint. Fick is still ahead, if only because Harris was foiled in her despicable plans, but even having the idea she is reported to have concocted puts her on Fick’s heels.

Hugh Hefner has stuffed his Playboy Mansion with ambitious, busty bimbos for decades, and now that he is in his 80’s and providing for 25-year-old sex-kittens while lounging around in  pajamas, the whole thing is vaguely distasteful. Hef decided to go beyond his traditional harem bit by actually marrying one of the bimbos, Crystal Harris, who Hefner simultaneously would feature au natural (well, sort of) in a Playboy foldout. The marriage, alas, wasn’t to be, as Crystal had what Hef called (via Twitter), a “change of heart” shortly before the planned wedding day. Eh, big deal. Everything Hefner has done in his personal life has been 50% or more promotion for his business anyway, and one can hardly blame a young woman from deciding that whatever financial benefits Hefner offered were inadequate for what she was agreeing to—whatever it was. (Ick.)

At least, that was what I thought until reports started surfacing that Crystal had a diabolical plan.
The Showbiz Spy website reports that Harris approached various publications seeking a $500,000 deal for exclusive ownership of film footage she arranged to have shot showing her reject Hefner at the altar, mid-ceremony, in front of the assembled celebrity guests. The footage would then be turned into a reality show, including interviews with Crystal.

“Crystal wanted to ditch Hef at the altar,” a source told the website. “Her plan was to walk up the aisle and say she couldn’t go through with it. The wedding was to be filmed for a reality special, and her refusal to marry him would be a sensation.” Unfortunately, Crystal didn’t find any takers who would pay enough for it to be worth her while going through with it, so she just ditched Hefner the old-fashioned way, taking the couple’s cocker spaniel in the process.

Seeking money to massively and publicly humiliate an old man whom you have agreed to marry, and who has given you star build-up publicity in his magazine (oh yes, Crystal made sure that her Playboy issue was already printed) and taking his dog.  Where does that rank in the annals of mean, venal, dishonest, revolting plots?  The silver lining for Hefner is that he didn’t actually marry this monster, who clearly had her conscience removed when she had her implants put in.

3 thoughts on “Crystal’s Evil Plot: Competition for Fick?

  1. Anyone who does business with this wretch at this late hour gets exactly what they deserve. Her star shall fade and she’ll be left with nothing of value.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, she could have shot that old degenerate at the altar! Sure, she’s a self-promoting bimbo. But aren’t those exactly what Hefner has made it his business to find, collect and promote? And that’s perhaps the least of his crimes against society in general and womanhood in particular. Hefner to Hell and her to the pen. A double win! Besides, any church that would agree to undertake such a pathetic “union” isn’t a church in any real sense of the word.

    No… I’m not actually promoting murder, Jack! I’m just saying that it’s a matter of two pathetic leeches on society each trying to use each other for personal gain via the media. A pox on them both.

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