Unethical Quote of the Week: Rep. Michele Bachmann

I think Hurricane Irene was sent by God to help the Red Sox. Hear me out! It makes mores sense than Michele's theory!

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.”

—-Rep. Michele Bachmann, GOP presidential hopeful and shameless demagogue, joining the discredited ranks of Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck and others to assert that weather conditions constitute proof that God agrees with her.

You can read my views on this arrogant, manipulative species of idiocy here, here and here.  I’ve written about it too much, and as an American living in the 21st Century, I’m embarrassed that I should have to write about it at all.

I have rock-bottom low expectations of televangelists like Robertson, and only slightly higher ones for media blow-hards like Beck. A member of Congress and presidential candidate should be able to meet a much higher standard. Bachmann, however, is obviously shameless as well as deluded, and, I think it’s time to conclude, just not very bright. One has to be fairly challenged mentally to believe this kind of nonsense, but really brick-dumb to announce such a belief publicly. Interesting question: Would it be less offensive  if she didn’t believe that extreme weather is God’s political statement about small government, but said it for effect? Clearly, no. As dumb as it is to say this when one does believe it, it is beyond belief dumb to announce it when one doesn’t—and dishonest in the bargain.

It’s funny, though. I assumed the hurricane was God’s way to make sure the New York Yankees had to play a double-header in Baltimore on Sunday against the Orioles, making it harder for the Yankees to win both games and increasing the likelihood that the Red Sox, whom God obviously roots for since He is infallible, would lengthen their lead in the A.L. East. And the earthquake…what was God up to with that, since the only structure in D.C. that suffered serious damage was the National Cathedral? Why would God do that? I just don’t think he would; I think Satan was responsible for the earthquake. Of course, that raises the possibility that the Prince of Darkness is the one trying to express his dislike of  big government, which would make Bachmann the candidate from Hell (hmmmmm…), except that the hurricane, which was presumably God’s idea, put FEMA to the test, and Ron Paul says that FEMA is part of government waste. Why would God send weather to show His dislike of big government when the hurricane will showcase one of the benefits of big government?

Michele, you just have to think this through some more. The Red Sox theory makes the most sense.

17 thoughts on “Unethical Quote of the Week: Rep. Michele Bachmann

  1. Michelle Bachmann is no authority on religion. I wonder sometimes if she really knows what she believes. She confuses Christianity with Ayn Rand and the US Constitution with Atlas Shrugged.

  2. Jack,
    I don’t think you were, but for the sake of clarification — you’re not suggesting Paul and Bachmann are even remotely in the same league, are you? Paul has put his foot in his mouth more than a few times (especially from your perspective), but Bachmann has him beat both in frequency and outlandishness. Or do you disagree?


    • No, wasn’t suggesting that. Only noting Paul’s FEMA verdict as support for the Satan caused Irene theory, assuming one believes someone supernatural was ay fault, which Paul himself hasn’t suggested.

      Sometimes I am incredibly complex, don’t you think?

      I think Paul is really mistaken about a lot, but he’s honest, smart, and rational. Not in Bachmann’s class at all.

    • Michele, we keep hearing, is ‘code-talking” to the faithful, referencing God and Bible passages when we think she is talking gibberish. I think she forfeits the “joke’ excuse at this point. She seriously said that she would bring back $2 gasoline, and wasn’t “joking.” How are we supposed to tell?

      • I hate hate hate to defend Bachmann, but you could tell by her big grin when she said it and by the roar of laughter from the crowd. I think the villains of the piece are the media who reported it as straight.

        • I’ve watched it. I think you are fair to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she lost that privilege with me a long time ago. When Bachmann admits she was joking when she said she was called by the Lord to run for president, an assertion far, far more unlikely than God sending Irene as a warning and overshooting DC only to hit North Carolina instead, I’ll join you.

          I think she’s smiling to say “those heathen evolution-believing secularists will think I’m kidding, but you all know its true and that they’ll all be sucking brimstone when the Rapture comes!”. Half the audience gets the wink-wink, and the rest really think she IS joking. An audience response doesn’t prove the intent of the speaker.

          Michele’s in Chicken Little territory, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t blame anyone for thinking she’s serious, She’s no W.S. Gilbert, with a history of satire and irony—in fact, as far as I can discern, she has no sense of humor whatsoever. Is it plausible that someone who takes God as seriously as Bachmann would use God’s intentions as the backdrop of a joke?

  3. Hah! All I can say is that if God can put his celestial finger down to help a political faction, prove a political point, or send a message about the American economy, He’s either a sadist or comedian. Why not spend his limitless time and power reaching in and solving REAL problems? Somehow I just don’t think that’s the way it/He works.

    But no, millions of Americans believe that God can create natural disasters to support a political party, get you a new refrigerator if you give enough money to the right evangelist, cure your bunions if you go to the right healer, and sit on your shoulder every day and whisper in your ear about what to do next. Maybe He will do that someday, after he stops all wars, makes everyone understand and be kind to each other, turn murderers, cheats and liars into model citizens, stop global warming, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, make all children safe, healthy, and in the hands of good and loving parents, etc., etc. Maybe: IF the “system” worked the way so many seem to believe, with all the “big” problems solved, He’d finally have enough leisure time to get involved in trivialities, or be so bored He’d want to do so just for fun…

    The really scary thing is that a total Idiot like Michelle Bachman has reached the position she now has, and is taken seriously at all as a presidential candidate. The only answer I can come up with is that millions of Americans are idiots as well. And I think this is demonstrably provable, if anyone wanted to engage in a simple study: take a scientific sampling of the voting electorate, give them IQ tests, and report the percentage of same with IQs above 80. Anyone know where to get funding for that?

    Finally, and I can only assume “Ethics Bob” was talking tongue-in-cheek, if God were to get involved in things like sports (does anyone else cringe when baseball players make gestures to thank God for their home runs?), he would absolutely make certain that the Red Sox win the pennant (because they have integrity and heart), ensure the Yankees last place in the American League East (because they are greedy, nasty, unworthy and evil), and would never, ever, have let Babe Ruth be sold for a production of “No, No Nanette.”

  4. It logically follows that the drought in Texas is due to the election of George Bush once and Rick Perry twice as governor, the lead it holds in executions and its child poverty rate. No, really just kidding.

  5. Depends on what version of her remarks you watch. CNN recognized it as a joke right away. In the CNN version Bachmann starts off obviously playing the crowd for laughs, and she gets them. In the versions posted on the NYTimes and CBS sites the whole beginning is missing, and the viewer can only guess whether she’s serious.

    Bachmann is guilty, at worst, of a poor joke. The media, especially the video editors at CBS and the New York Times, are as guilty of making dishonest videos as James O’Keefe.

    More coming at EthicsBob.com

    • Here’s the key question: how many of Bachmann’s audience are inclined to believe that God would punish DC for Congress’s wasteful ways? My guess: most of them, and she knows it, because she believes it too. Under those conditions, what does “making a joke” even mean? She thinks God is on the side of the Tea Party and Michele. Sure, the Times and CBS, true to form, pulled a Brietbart.
      In the context of everything else Bachmann has said, I’m not inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      But I’m not a newspaper or a network.

      • I agree with Jack. It’s not the intelligence of Bachmann, but the intelligence of her audience. She is very smart; them not so much. She uses code words and messages that only they understand. It will uplift her in the primaries and be her downfall should she be so lucky as to make it to the general election.

  6. Hmm, can I retract half of my accusation? It appears that Bachmann used the same shtick at two different events, one shown by CNN, the other shown by NYT and CBS. In the CNN video she’s mugging and having a fine time. In the CBS/NYT version it’s harder to tell, so if you believe that she could think that Irene was God’s message to shrink government, then that’s what you see.

  7. Oh! Poor God. And, no wonder the politicians are so confused with mixed messages coming from God and from the American people. Or, maybe God is confusing the American people and the corporation person thingies?

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