Ethics Quote Of The Day: Allahpundit

"Hide! The Vice-President says that if the jobs bill doesn't pass, we might be raped!!!"

“The very first question at the next Solyndra hearing should be, “How many rapes could Democrats have prevented by giving that $535 million to cops instead?”

“Hot Air” blogger Allahpundit, marking the below-the-belt tactics of Vice President Joe Biden, who angrily suggested that Republicans who voted against the President’s jobs bill would be responsible for rapes and murders because of the resulting inadequate numbers of police.

Biden’s fear-mongering is beyond demogoguery, whatever the virtues of the President’s bill. States make budgetary decisions, and if a state’s priorities in funding didn’t include sufficient police personnel to prevent rapes and murders, the state is accountable, not Congressional Republicans (and Democrats) who don’t like the President’s bill. Meanwhile, the jobs bill seeks $5 billion for cops (and firefighters) and $30 billion for teachers. Is Obama willing to risk more rapes by not putting more money into law enforcement and less into teacher’s unions? 

Hide! The Vice-President says that if the jobs bill doesn't pass, no woman is safe!!!

The assertion that the decision to spend money in one priority area rather than another is not just irresponsible but will lead to rapes could only be fair if Biden, his boss and the administration were willing to have its priorities judged by the same standard. Of course, they are not, because it is a ridiculous and unfair standard.

Biden’s false logic represents the lowest common denominator of political discourse: “If we weren’t in Afghanistan, we could feed the homeless…ergo, if you support the war, you are responsible for starving Americans;” “If all of foreign aid was spent on cancer research, we might have a cure for cancer…thus, if you support a continuation of foreign aid, you are causing more children to die of cancer.” This would be inexcusable for a college student to argue; it’s embarrassing for a Vice-President, even an embarrassing Vice-President like Joe Biden.

[Thanks to Instapundit for the link]

One thought on “Ethics Quote Of The Day: Allahpundit

  1. You need to add in the $500 million given to Fisker to develop an extended range hybrid luxury car with fuel efficiency similar to a Buick LaCrosse.

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