Penn State Primer: 15 Ethics Alarms on the Duty to Rescue and the Bystander Problem

Tiring of the smug and remarkably vicious Paterno defenders who have designated Mike McQueary for infamy because he failed to stop the Penn State child rapist in action, and who have accused me of supporting such inaction in rescue situations when my position, record, writings, belief and life experience proves the opposite, I offer these previous Ethics Alarms posts on the topics of rescue and bystander inaction. It is a useful, if sometimes disturbing review of various aspects in a complex issue. I don’t really expect the commenters previously referenced to allow rational thought to interfere with their certitude and vendetta, but most visitors here are not so wired.

A new post, focusing especially on McQueary, will be along soon, but today is Veterans Day, and I have my own duty to attend to: honoring Maj. Jack Marshall, Sr., 1920-2009, WWII veteran, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart veteran, a true hero his entire life, in every way imaginable.

I am quite confident that he would not only have stopped Jerry Sandusky from molesting the boy, he might well have shot him.

Here are the 15 selected essays:

  • “Ethics Test at McDonalds” : I include this both because it is germane to the issue of willful apathy in rescue situations, and because I want to give some of the dimmer commenters on “Mike McQueary and Me” a chance to prove their idiocy by writing, “How dare you compare child rape with an old man having trouble with his tray at McDonalds???” Yes, of course…that’s what I’m doing. <Sigh>

4 thoughts on “Penn State Primer: 15 Ethics Alarms on the Duty to Rescue and the Bystander Problem

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  2. It’s really a shame that you have to — over and over again — define the word “ethics” to your readers. It’s also really a shame that occasional, moronic readers respond emotionally and not intelligently, because they haven’t read your other posts. College athletics has become the worst of the Fortune 500 business: and the behavior of Penn State proves it. Stop taking crap from unthinking responders to your post. Why don’t you just tell them that their moronic responses aren’t worth your time, and that they are not interested in any discourse but just venting about something they don’t even understand? (1) Refer them to other posts. (2) Spend your time engaging in discourse with people who really have something thoughtful to say.

    PS What’s the big deal with punctuation and/or spelling anyway? If that’s all one has to offer, just shut up.

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