Naked Teacher Principle Sighting in Ohio

News from Independence, Ohio:

“A part-time Catholic elementary school teacher was fired for posting nude photos of herself on the Internet.

The Cleveland Catholic Diocese said today the teacher was employed at St. Michael’s Elementary School.

Officials declined to release the teacher’s name, age or length of time she was employed with the diocese. They also declined to explain where the photos were posted or how they learned about them.

“In accordance with the Diocesan Education Department’s policies in such matters, St. Michael’s school officials took immediate action to terminate the part-time instructor,” a news release said. “The well-being of the students is paramount in these cases and assistance has been offered to students and their parents.”

More teachers need to read Ethics Alarms  ( especially the Naked Teacher Principle)…at least until the profession develops a useful code of ethics.

By the way, how are you coming with that, teachers?


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26 responses to “Naked Teacher Principle Sighting in Ohio

  1. Eeyoure

    “Educators,” Jack. These days, they’re called educators. Anyone can self-TEACH. To REALLY learn, to the effect of being able to “SYNTHESIZE,” everyone MUST have the benefit of EDUCATORS. It’s (almost) the law.

  2. Joshua

    They are too busy posting naked pictures online to read anything.

  3. Is it any wonder that so many turn to home schooling these days? School administrators need to be constantly aware- before hiring a teacher- that sexual deviants instinctively gravitate to where the children are. Thus, the utmost caution must be taken and the highest standards of conduct, personal appearance and background apply. However, strong teachers’ unions and the lack of moral imperative among the administrators themselves have given these creatures a virtual sanctuary.

    • Chase Martinez

      The thing is, you have a very wide net as to what constitutes a “Sexual deviant”. Was what she did stupid? Yes. I’m not sure it counts as deviancy though, and I’m not sure why a “deviant” in this context would gravitate toward children.

      • Because people who are obsessed with sexual practices and define themselves thereby tend to do this, Chase. The “why” of it should be pretty plain.

        • tgt

          I’m calling BS. Deviants tend to hide their behavior, not post it on the internet. Well, unless they make a living off of it.

          • Not anymore, TGT, as you have apparently not noticed. With the exception of pedophiles (barely!) perversion is now celebrated by all leftist outlets. It’s the “in thing”! I wonder sometimes how many claim to be gay- just to get invited to the “right” parties- when they really aren’t. The world gone crazy.

  4. Michael

    Using educators is dishonest. I believe they are teaching, but I see the college freshmen each year. I know they aren’t educating.

  5. student at stmichaelschool

    ok the teacher (miss vanessa zoellner) posted the pics(the website is… are you on march 1,2012
    i’ve known about the teacher taking the pics for one week.Also i’m in 4th grade and she taught at our school for eight months she stopped teaching monday,march 30th she is 26 and didn’t have any caution whatsoever of what we saw in videos that she showed us in class.(many of the kids were too immature to watch the video)she also gave us magazines(to cut out pics for a colage)that had articals about a womens sex life or vaginal hygene (we don’t learn about sex until end of 5th grade) she could’ve at least ripped pages out if they were inaproprite (sorry i’m not a good speller)
    and i know she didn’t do it infront of a kid and thats her busness but teachers are expected of on high standards she already had a lot of dress code violations but the principal let it slide because she’s the art teacher and she’ll be more artsy also aon news stories people said that there was assistance about the situation and my mom only got an e-mail saying that they let a teacher go half of the parents don’t even know……it’s gone too far two sixth graders expelled our art teacher posting nude photos..
    that’s what i want to know!…everyone have a nice easter or passover season.<3 an upset st michael fourth grader

    • You have every right to ask that question. Lots of schoolkids across the nation- both in public and private schools- are probably asking the same. However, count your blessings. You go to a religious school of high academic standards (your narrative, coming from a 4th grader, makes that obvious!) and it’s one that CAN fire a teacher for inappropriate behavior. Many school systems are less fortunate and ignore (or even acclaim!) this sort of thing.

      Naturally, St. Michael’s didn’t want to attact a lot of attention to itself for this incident, fearing the bad publicity and biased media attention they would receive. BUT… they did the right thing. Adults with obsessions such as this teacher are often driven to “sharing” them with children. When you find them, you have to remove them. Every one represents a danger to the children they have authority over. I fervently hope that all schools take note of this incident and become ever more diligent themselves in protecting their pupils, body and soul.

      And a very happy Easter to you, your classmates and your teachers. He is Risen.

      • Chase Martinez

        “Adults with obsessions such as this teacher are often driven to “sharing” them with children. When you find them, you have to remove them. Every one represents a danger to the children they have authority over.”

        Citation Required.

        • Fair enough. But it makes sense to me.

          • Chase Martinez

            It doesn’t to me because he’s drawing a very wide net here- he’s linking everyone he considers ‘deviant’ to pedophilia, which isn’t the case.

            • I guess I don’t read it that way. I’d say a teacher who has a compulsion to exhibit himself or herself publicly and to strangers raises a rebuttable presumption that they should not be trusted with children. No?

              • Chase Martinez

                Fair enough. I read his statements more broadly.

                • tgt

                  I’m with your reading of SMP’s statements. “Adults with obsessions such as this teacher” includes everyone who has ever looked at porn and didn’t immediately repudiate their actions, everyone who is gay – basically, everyone who does not fit into his religious box of what is right.

                  Also, his comment about sharing with children? That’s 100% SMP BS.

                  • That, folks, is because the links between pedophilia and other forms of deviancy are real. Not just psychologically, but politically as well. It was only fairly recently that “mainstream” (!) pervert advocates broke ranks with such groups as NAMBLA and its brethren. But that was only a ploy. The movement to gain public acceptance for adult/child sexual conduct continues and is supported clandestinely by pro-pervert activists. The end goal is the repeal of all restrictions on any form of sexual conduct, no matter what or with whom.

      • student at st michaelschool!

        hi what i didn’t know about the situation is that the photos were on a revenge website. our teachers are so sad that she’s gone and people are feeling pity on her ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! kids brought the photos into school and sadly i saw them :(. she took those photos of herself and now she pays the price i don’t know why that is so hard to understand! plus the teachers always talked smack behind her back and i saw one teacher crying about it!! it’s terrible and i’m confused! love and peace,astmichael fourth grader!

        • What a terrible shame it is that you and your classmates have to be exposed to this evidence of adult degeneracy at such an early age… and from a source that was right there among you. And you say that other teachers in the school are expressing sympathy for her?! They should be asked about their sympathy (and duty) to you and your peers. Teaching is not meant to be a protected job tenure. It must always be, first and foremost, a sacred trust. In a church school, that “sacred” is literal. The highest standards of ethics must always apply when children are the focus of that trust. If some of your teachers can’t understand this, then they’re in the wrong profession. I only hope that the school administrators, the church sponsors and the students’ parents understand this as well.

    • cant believe what i read

      Whatever parent wrote the above article is really sick in the head. Why can’t you just say that your a parent and not pretend to be a 4th grader?

  6. Alex

    I know it is really late to be writing this now but that teacher let a lot of us St Michael’s kids scarred. I was one of the first ones (as a seventh grader) to see the pictures. I simply typed in her name on a regular google search on the bus on my phone. My friends and peers were all suprised and a few of us including me were even crying. Let’s just say that the pictures were even more than just “nude” pictures. One of the eighth graders had already informed the principal that morning when we got to school.
    I had always known she was a whack job as soon as she got there because she had a mohawk and a nose ring. She always wore SUPER short skirts and 5 inch heels. She wore low-cut shirts in front of 8th grade boys. One time a kid in my class’s voice squeaked and she said “Did your voice really get that high?” Then came an art field trip. She took only 7th and 8th grade boys that showed no interest in art and were horrible artists. That suprised me and hurt my feelings a bit because i was one of the best artists in the grade. Then i understood. Who EVER tries to do something like that to a kid more that a decade younger than u is really sick in the head. I’ve been very insecure about anything that relates to things she did and i am uncomfortable having new teachers. (this year i was assigned the new 8th grade teacher named mr. clark) The principal didnt exactly alarm all the parents of what she did and a lot of parents didnt even know that their kids knew, leaving kids incredibly scarred. Hopefully this year is a new start. Last year was full of many surprises and i’m sure a lot of them relate to what this lady did.

    • tgt

      Reasons this testimonial should be taken with a grain of salt:

      * 7th graders crying when looking at porn
      * The clear bias against the teacher based on her appearance
      * The poisoning the well attacks
      * The non sequiturs.
      * The ridiculous last sentence

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