Ethics Dunces: Massachussetts Democrats

Then again, the values of Massachusetts Democrats in choosing Senate candidates has a certain consistency…

95.7 percent of the 3,500 delegates attending the Massachusetts state Democratic convention in Springfield, Mass. endorsed faux-Cherokee Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senator.  Since Warren’s support exceeded 85%, Marisa DeFranco, the only declared opposition to Warren’s nomination to oppose Republican Senator Scott Brown’s bid for re-election, will not have the chance to test Warren in a primary.

Since no Democratic candidate had ever won more than 86 percent of the vote in the 30 years of the state party’s endorsement process, the party’s doubling down on the thoroughly disgraced Warren is a stunning rejection of ethical principles.

Warren, just this week, admitted that she had told Harvard that she was a Cherokee after she had been hired, prompting the University to list the blue-eyed, blonde-haired scholar as “a woman of color” in its diversity statistics. She had explicitly denied this for months. She has shown to be a plagiarist, a liar, a fake, and a hypocrite, and an inept politician as well. Her party’s response to all of this was to make it impossible for its members to reject her at the polls, and to nominate a candidate of integrity to oppose Brown.

What does the conduct of Massachusetts Democrats demonstrate?

  • It insults the members of the party who not proven liars, by indicating that they are less qualified to be Senator than  woman whose lack of candor and willingness to cheat has been in the headlines for many weeks.
  • It cheats all Massachusetts voters who would like to have an alternative to Brown whom they can vote for without retching, holding their noses, or girding themselves for the scandals and corruption to come.
  • It sends the message to future candidates that lying in public carries no consequences in the Democratic Party. (Democrats have, of course, sent this message in other states, such as Connecticut (Sen. Blumenthal), New York (Rep. Rangel), and nationally, with President Clinton.)

Laughably, at least if one can stop from weeping, a victorious Warren (I’m quoting the New York Times) “invoked the spirit of Senator Edward M. Kennedy Jr., who is still lionized by activists here and whose death in 2009 led to the special election in which Mr. Brown captured the seat,” saying, “It’s a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown.”

That’s surely true. Sen. Warren never committed unpunished manslaughter like Ted Kennedy, who avoided prosecution by, yes, lying to the public and with the help of his father’s generous payment of hush money to the family of the young woman he killed through drunken recklessness and cowardice. The Democratic Party showed the same crass disregard of decency and character when it nominated him, too.

At least Elizabeth Warren understands the tradition her nomination embodies.

She must be so proud.


Source: New York Times

Graphic: Wikipics

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10 thoughts on “Ethics Dunces: Massachussetts Democrats

      • Which is sort of the issue; yeah, power corrupts and/or attracts those who are already prone-to-corruption, but people seemingly going out of their way to vote for the ethically worst advocate for their positions only worsens the issue of making sure our politicians are ethical.

        • That’s where the free citizen is supposed to intervene with his vote. Unfortunately, special interest/machine politics- commanding blind bloc votes- turns the process into a farce and delivers to us some of the characters we see.

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    • Agreed. It’s the “Working Girl” mentality – Those on top bend the rules to their advantage, those who wish to get there have to bend the rules to make it happen. So that’s what she did – and I don’t agree with it, but it’s what she did.

      Comparing that to W Bush, and to a lesser degree Obama, it’s a speedbump on their highway of Shenanigans. So to me, it’s a “do as I say not as I do” canard that keeps her out of the “club”, however, many in the club have done 1000x worse. And it’s a wedge-issue talking point that in the grand scheme of things, really points to the fear that Warren tilts the playing field back towards fairness for the many, not just for those in the “club”.

      That doesn’t take away from her behavior, if it is proven that she was indeed deceitful – but it seems to be a modern-day phenomenon across the asiles, whether you have a R or a D by your name.

      Thank God Jack is non-biased in bringing us both sides of these Non-partisan stories..! It’s good to see the balance in the Republican examples as well.

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