Toddler Fight Club: The Monsters Among Us

“And in this corner, standing 20 inches and weighing 18 pounds…”

There was a joke in an old “I Love Lucy” episode in which Lucy misunderstood a reference to “three-year-olds” in a story about horse racing, and announced in horror, “They’re racing little girls at Churchill Downs!”

Well, this is worse, and it’s no joke.

From CBS in Philadelphia:

“According to Dover Police, three employees from the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Delaware were arrested after a cell phone video showed employees watching and encouraging two 3-year-olds fight each other. Tiana Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, were charged with Assault, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Reckless Endangering and Conspiracy for the incident, which occurred in March of 2012 and was captured on cell phone video. In the video, police say one child can be heard crying and yelling, ‘He’s pinching me,’ while a daycare worker responds, ‘No pinching, only punching.’”

I’m still processing this story, and I may never be finished. However, I can say this: if, in America, three women can randomly come together and all see nothing wrong with using the babies entrusted in their care as little pitbulls or fighting cocks, to duke it out for their amusement, our culture cannot be doing anything but a miserable job at teaching basic ethical values. There is no other conclusion to be made, unfortunately. These cannot be freaks or aberrations. There are monsters among us, more than we know or like to admit, and we have to be vigilant.

We also have to find a way to stop breeding them, because that’s what we are doing.


Pointer: Drudge

Facts: CBS

Graphic: Pulled My Groin

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7 responses to “Toddler Fight Club: The Monsters Among Us

  1. Libby Torgerson

    Hands of Our Future Daycare. Unbelievable! It is hard to wrap my head around what those three women did. Absolutely sickens me.

  2. “Toddlers and Tiaras” is evidence of the end of civilization as we know it. This is confirmation. To me, the fact that parents and supposedly responsible adults are recording these things for entertainment takes it to the level of active evil.
    These people are so isolated from their own conscience that they seem to be proud of what they’re doing. What ever happened to shame?

  3. S**********t!!! &*#$)%. Oh……..God!!! We have some seriously messed up people in this world!!

  4. elaine barclay

    the saddest part of all is that these “monsters” will get less jail time(if any) than some poor slob who commits the so-called “victimless crime”. and yes, i do mean someone who smokes a joint or gets caught with a couple of illicit pain pills or falls behind in child support or misses his auto insurance payment and is now driving illegally. not saying they are right, just saying that these monsters that intentionally victimize others rarely get just punishment.

  5. Curmudgeon

    Re the graphic from Pulled My Groin that accompanied this entry: Jack, please, please, PLEASE tell us that the design on the left side of that baby’s face is just washable face-paint, and NOT a tattoo.

    • Julian Hung

      Don’t worry, it’s just photoshop; the most common variation of this photo I’ve seen has the baby dressed in a WWII-era GI uniform.

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