Ethics Dunce: Lindsay Lohan

So, Lindsay, you really are a “mean girl,” eh? Good to know.

I have been sympathetic to Lindsay Lohan, a tragic example of a child star who has been programmed by an abnormal upbringing and awful parents to be self-destructive and irresponsible. However, Lohan has just signaled that she is also a mean-spirited jerk. Fellow child star Amanda Bynes, once frequently cited as an example of a performing tot who grew up normal, has had a bizarre string of hit-and-run accidents and appears to be dealing with some substance abuse issues. Bynes is facing charges, and has lost her license to drive. So is Lindsay, who has been in and out of court, jail and lawyers’ offices repeatedly over the last several years over everything from drunk driving to violating probation to grand theft, empathetic?  Hardly. Here was her recent tweet regarding Bynes’ problems:

Aside from the obvious answer—Bynes hasn’t been convicted of anything yet—this is truly the mark of a blackened soul. Lohan’s one-time stardom and fading celebrity alone kept her from the hard time she deserved, as she has repeatedly defied the justice system. Instead of being grateful, the spoiled and deluded diva wants to see another young actress humiliated too, and resents the fact that Bynes is not yet suffering as much as Lohan did. How many ethical values are missing from someone who sends a public message like this? Compassion. mercy, kindness, proportion, empathy, fairness, accountability…the list is mind-boggling.

I once  thought Lohan was an immature, needy, unsocialized and sadly exploited talent who could be might be redeemed by some strong role models, a mentor perhaps, some discipline, some kindness, and a break. Now I’m beginning to think that she may just be a sociopathic creep.


Source: TMZ



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