Worst Dinner Guests Ever

If you are invited to dinner with these two, be sure to bring popcorn and a camera.

Jeremie Calo and Tiffani Lynn Barganier decided to have sex on top of their table  at Paddy Murphy’s, an Orlando, Florida restaurant. The fact that many families were there trying to eat didn’t faze them a bit, apparently. The manager  summoned the police after he “was notified by several patrons that a couple was having sex on a table in view of minor children,” according to an Orlando Police Department report.

You can read the report here, at The Smoking Gun.

If anyone has any theories how two adults could be raised in a civilized country and think this is responsible, respectful, tolerable behavior, please pass them on.  My assumption is that anyone with this little respect for others and civilized norms is dangerous, and certainly not trustworthy. Outside of a purveyor of live sex shows in Vegas, what sane employer would hire either of these creatures?

The question of most import is whether they are just outrageous outliers with no greater significance, or whether public manners are in the process of reaching depths we never thought possible?


Facts and Graphic: The Smoking Gun

10 thoughts on “Worst Dinner Guests Ever

  1. I think people should just go along to get along. I mean, if that’s what this couple thought was acceptable then who am I to judge 🙂

  2. Is there possibly a video not yet out? Recorded by another restaurant customer, or by someone passing by, or by security cameras? Are those more ethics alarms I am just imagining – or have we just not yet heard the next trumpetings of an impending train wreck?

  3. Well… she’s lovely, anyway! But for God’s sake, why do this? To deliberately outrage innocent people and their kids? To get their own “reality” show? To show how “cool” they are? They’ve only succeeded in degrading themselves in front of the entire country. Yet, self-degradation seems to be the “in” thing in the culture these days. Television is saturated with it. Blame that. Blame MTV. Blame Snooki! I blame them, as pseudo-adults lacking in the most basic sense of respect for others and in common decency. And I blame us… for allowing a culture that speads that lack around.

    • Do think that not walking your kid to the school bus stop is also child abuse?

      Locking them up is fine, but you seem to be a mite overexaggerating the offense.

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