Unethical Website of the Month: Potential Prostitutes

Directions: Read, vomit, then shower thoroughly, twice.

Directions: Read, vomit, then shower thoroughly, twice.

I used to “honor” an unethical website every month. As I no longer go looking for them, such websites are less frequently featured here; on the other hand, those that are seem more disgusting than ever.

After all, what can you say about a site that…

1. …solicits anonymously-sent photographs that purport to be those of  “potential online prostitutes” as a public service…

2. ….posts the photographs, labeling the women as prostitutes, with no fact-checking or investigation whatsoever…

3. ….and accompanies each posting with a button marked “DELETE THIS PROFILE NOW,” which, once clicked on, brings the visitor who has been so defamed to a page where she can pay $99.95 via credit card to have her name, address and photograph removed?

That’s “Potential Prostitutes.”

Well, I can say that the jilted lovers, ex-Facebook friends, general trouble-makers, sociopathic pranksters and other vicious cowards who send photos to this nauseating extortion site are as beyond redemption as the slug-like vermin who operate it. I can say, having held my rising gorge down as I examined the site, that it is either operated by a middle school drop-out or a non-English speaker, as the text reeks of illiteracy. I can say that the operators, whoever or whatever lower species they are, are liars as well extortion scammers, since the site claims that it has been sued and has always prevailed, though it has only been up since October and thus there hasn’t been time for any lawsuit to wind its way through the courts.

I can also say that its targets are vulnerable women who, because of embarrassment, lack of resources or desperation, will pay a quick hundred bucks to get their profiles off of the site, and, sadly, that the creatures who launched “Potential Prostitutes,” may make a significant profit before they have to shut down and vanish, with lawyers in pursuit.


Source: Boing Boing

15 thoughts on “Unethical Website of the Month: Potential Prostitutes

  1. This is the real problem the “elite” have. Gregory is nothing but a Corporate hack, who pushes no opinion but what he is told to push. You give him too much credit for thinking for himself. Nothing happens on these networks by chance – he was told to bring that on the air by his “handlers” – and the decision to do so probably came from the tippy tippy top of the Corporate Plutocracy.

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    • Are you kidding me? That is the most lopsided comparison I’ve ever heard. Since when can women do a “vaginas-for-food-swap” with their genitalia and leave them at the local cop shop?
      If this was pro argument then you’re doing the female populace a grave disservice…

      • I don’t see your problem. The comparison seems valid to me. I’ll throw in that “Yo Gabba Gabba” watchers are potential pedophiles.

        • My problem is that you stated that women are potential prostitutes because they are women. Guns must be acquired. They’re not part of your genetic make-up (even if the NRA likes to think so). Your added “only” is incidental.

  3. “Unethical” is a very mild phrase when referring to this site. It is a slimy scam feeding on simple-minded men who have been rejected by some woman who had the intelligence to kick them out. May the owners be reborn as the dung beetles they are.

  4. Welcome to the internet, where it is healthy to be very skeptical of things, especially shady websites like the one in this article. If you don’t want to see something, don’t click on it (there are ways to disable advertisements and specific hyperlinks, by the way). I have little sympathy for a woman who falls for that credit card scam, because it is obviously a scam, and the site is so untrustworthy that you’d be a fool to think it tarnishes your reputation. All I can do (I’m a guy) is not use the site, not hire prostitutes, and tell my friends to avoid prostitution. That’s what I’m doing, and that’s good enough for me.

    • 1. You gave me a fake e-mail address. That’s not permitted. This is your last comment here unless you send me a real name and an e-mail that works. Read the Comment policies.
      2. I decided to allow this comment to post because it is so idiotic that it demands a rebuke. Women are being libeled and extorted here. It is not a scam, it’s a scheme, and ignoring it doesn’t solve the problem. There are similar extortion sites, and they exist: what are you skeptical about?
      3. “If you don’t like it don’t watch it” is not responsive or relevant to a site like this. I don’t frequent the damn thing: the point is that it is hurting people.
      4. I’m not fond of snottiness in comments that have a valid, intelligent point to make, but snottiness as an introduction to a flat-out moronic statement like yours is intolerable.
      5. What the hell’s the matter with you?

  5. Hello, I looked at this site today but I believe it to be fake. If you are in a small, rural type location, plug in your zipcode and see what the results are, you will likely get the same 10+ pages of too-hot-to-be-believable images. Now google some of the phone numbers, and chances are you’ll hit an escort service or two. This is an ad scam by said websites to generate traffic.

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