The “So What?” Follies

So what?

So what?

Reluctant to report actual news, in many cases, that makes their favorite politicians and elected leaders look bad, or perhaps as they really are, our sad, inept and juvenile news media attempts to balance its lack of diligence by promoting other stories as brewing scandals that have no legitimacy whatsoever, and are similarly fueled by bias. Two particularly offensive examples:

  • “Watergate, 2013,” as wags have dubbed it, is the horrible, embarrassing, career-destroying conduct by Senator Marco Rubio in his response to the President’s State of the Union address. You see, he had a sudden attack of dry mouth, and had to grab and drink from a bottle of water that was outside his immediate reach. “So can a drink of water make or break a political career?” CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked viewers. “A U.S. Senator, possible presidential candidate. We’re going to find out, whether he likes it or not.” On GOP-hating MSNBC, the clip of Rubio’s drink was replayed over 150 times. Then, when he explained his vile conduct (” I needed water,’ he explained), the Daily News said he was “attempting to spin” what they called “a gaffe.” Bulletin: having to take a drink of water during a speech isn’t a gaffe, and describing what happened exactly accurately isn’t “spinning.”

Increasingly I wonder how these people can look at themselves in the mirror without gagging.

  • From the conservative media, meanwhile, and the sludge known as the Drudge Report, we have the shocking and sinister news that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn) actually sent a few tweets to a very attractive young woman!! It’s true. Clearly, this is another Weiner scandal, without the Weiner—other than the fact that Cohen is a bachelor, and last I checked, a 57-year old man having a much younger female social media friend was neither sinister, suspicious, or immoral. Well, let me qualify that: it’s all right, apparently, as long as her face would stop a clock or she looks like a bag of doornobs in a dress. When she looks like Texas State University’s Victoria Brink, however….

Victoria Brink

…we’re talking dirty old man, illegal sex trafficking, Eliot Spitzer-ing, or, intern-banging, or, well, something. Then Cohen really stirred the pot by removing his tweets to Brink. Ah HA!!! That proves…well, that proves….it proves that he doesn’t want a young lady whom he may consider a friend from being slimed by a news media that regards a drink of water as a “gaffe.”

Too late.

UPDATE: It turns out that Cohen was tweeting the Texas beauty for a surprising reason, which he revealed today.


Pointer: Drudge

Sources: Daily Caller, The Hill, Daily News, Examiner

Graphic: Platinum Bay Swimwear

16 thoughts on “The “So What?” Follies

  1. I fully expected the MSM to begin its character attacks on strong GOP conservative 2016 hopefuls.

    It seeme initially they would overly praise him and undermine constituent trust in his conservatism by embrace him as the GOP savior etc.

    Nah, now they can just resort to cheap shots, which conveniently serve double its of trying to make Rubio appear a buffoon while also diverting attention away from the solid words and ideas of his speech.

  2. Did you say “Follies”????
    I’ve got those
    Gotta keep the numbers up. Find something. I can make it neeeews blues.
    That long as there are photos I can make it seem important feeling.
    That if your slightly famous all you do is enough,
    as long as there’s a talking head involved it’s good stuff,
    and bring the camera closer, gotta make the public buy this feeeeeeling.
    Those everything is ad sales so I gotta make the nonsense neeeews blues.

  3. I totally agree that this is overreaching to the extreme. The only thing it shows is that his staff was not prepared with a GLASS of water within reach. Plus, I think he’s handling it perfectly. It did, however, distract from the rest of his speech, which is too bad because there were a bunch of things to legitimately disagree with.

    After I watch Saturday Night Live, it’ll be over for me.

  4. Personally, I consider the Rubio + water caper to be a manufactured non-issue by politicians and their media allies. The Democrats don’t want to address the issues he raised and the media are too lazy or partisan to bother. Victoria Brink, however…!

  5. Not sure this is an ethical question. I think this just demonstrates the inability of the mass media to have a serious policy discussion at any level. These aren’t serious people and they obviously feel no obligation to inform the public. Expecting any kind of ethical standard from the media is unreasonable. Luckily there are pockets of serious exploration of the issues like this site.

    • No, when the media’s self proclaimed job is to report pertinent facts, then they have established their mission, from which their ethics derive.

      However, their entire industry is governed by a clique of hard line left wingers who either a) truly believe they are reporting from an unbiased standpoint and that conservatives really are lunatic fringers or b) know what they are doing and do it because they would rather control the national narrative by confusing and misleading the electorate.

      So yes, they are entirely unethical.

      • Imagine the blank stares you would receive if you tried to explain the unethical nature of these stories to someone working in media. I think we would like the media to report pertinent facts with some sense of proportion but I don’t think they see that as part of their mission. We live in a world where there is more information and news available than a person could ever process. The media’s job is to drive eyes to their particular information product or face irrelevance. I guess I am wondering if we should consider the mass media an ethics free zone that the information consumer should enter at their own risk.

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