Bullying To Discourage Bullying : Our Incredibly Incompetent, Unethical Schools

If public schools keep making my head explode, I'm not going to be able to criticize them much longer. Soon, it will be all up to you...

If public school idiocy keeps making my head explode, I’m not going to be able to criticize them much longer. Soon, it will be all up to you…

In Red Hook, New York, a recent anti-bullying workshop at Linden Avenue Middle School for 13 and 14-year-old girls focused on homosexuality and gender identity. Parents learned from their daughters that the girls had been ordered to stand before the group and ask one another for a kiss. Some students were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.

Bullying, as they are supposed to teach you in school, is when someone uses their superior power to subordinate and humiliate someone weaker than themselves. This is wrong, and it is always wrong. It is just as wrong when the bully believes that his or her power is being exercised to make a weaker individual do something that is “good” for them, as in, “Go ahead, jump off that rock, or I’ll beat the snot out of you!” This pathetic, miserably unprofessional, cruel and arrogant political correctness-infected school actually used its authority over these children to force them to do something, in public, that they almost certainly felt was embarrassing and unnatural. This is bullying: the only other equally apt word for it is stupidity. The school’s method of showing students how bullying is wrong is to bully them. In addition, the school neither informed the students’ parents nor received their permission.

Why are we continuing to put up with this?

Every day, from somewhere in the United States, more evidence comes to light showing the utter insensitivity, ineptitude and destructiveness of the public school system and its wretchedly under-trained, over-confident, poorly-prepared and over-empowered personnel. The Left has trapped itself into the position of supporting these autocrats, dolts and child abusers, and it will live to regret it, for they do credit neither to liberal values nor to the cause of public unions. They are too frequently enemies of parents and the family, and atrocious role modes and authority figures, representing as they do lazy thought, poor leadership, doctrinaire attitudes, bureaucratic foolishness and narrow-mindedness. What they teach children best of all is to fear, disrespect, and distrust adults.

I’m tired of reading about these incidents, and tired of writing about them. I am more than tired of the undeserved deference given to the spectacularly failing and corrupt education establishment,  like that of the mother I highlighted in the earlier post today; I am frustrated and sickened by it. Nobody of any ideological bent ought to tolerate the abuse, educational malpractice and indoctrination that typifies so many of our schools. When do we stop doing it?


Pointer: Phil Kraemer

Facts: CBN News


19 thoughts on “Bullying To Discourage Bullying : Our Incredibly Incompetent, Unethical Schools

  1. So.. solutions? Vouchers? Union busting? Burn the system to the ground and start over?

    I for one would like to see an education system that WASN”T developed for an agrarian economy. Teach kids how to use the internet to find facts, how to discern fact from fiction, and then teach them to enjoy learning for themselves. Right now, all this insanity aside, the kids learn:

    1st grade: There was a civil war.
    2nd grade: There was a civil war. It was about slaves.
    3rd grade: There was civil war about slaves. Many people died.

    And that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t teaching:

    4th grade: There was a civil war about slaves. Mean, nasty, Republicans wanted to keep the slaves so they could keep making money in a capitalistic system which debased mankind even as it despoiled the planet, and the good, noble Democrats wanted to free them to live peacefully in communes dedicated to mother Gaia.

    Which we all know they are.

    • Burn it to the ground.

      Look, this isn’t a policy blog, so I really can’t spend much time there. But this is a clear problem, getting worse. Begin by killing the teacher unions, so the bad ones can be fired. Establish a professional code of ethics, and enforce it. Come to a consensus with a bi-partisan project establishing what should be taught in schools and what shouldn’t. Yes, use the internet, and TV, more. Reverse laws requiring teachers to keep students in class who are disruptive. Professionalize the profession—make poor students, poor performers, ineligible. Make entrance into the teaching ranks by other professionals easier. Have tapes of all classes, recorded randomly and without warning, to police teacher conduct. Develop a tutoring force for home-schooling. Yes, vouchers. Yes anything that defangs the current, horrible, corrupt system. It’s not safe.

  2. Think back to Melissa Harris-Perry. The school system you describe is what she wants since the children belong, not to their parents, but the vaunted and vastly superior “community.” Ugh.

  3. Education will change as much to protect children from policy predictors as to respond to what we really need to prepare children to face in the world in which they will be living.
    The world they will face is the one the policy predictors are creating. It won’t be undone from inside.

  4. How is this not child abuse? Why aren’t any major media outlets screaming for blood? In any other context other than homosexuality awareness/anti bulling (indoctrination) this would be considered sexual assault of some flavor. Did these young girls consent? Where is the feminist outrage on this? How is this any different than any other coercive behavior that sexualizes girls even if it is just to other girls? I may return to this after a while I am just too disgusted right now.

    • It is child abuse. The media isn’t screaming for blood because it has sold reason and objectivity for facile ideological complicity. Feminists usually don’t have the integrity to call to account reliable allies even when they behave outrageously.

      • @Jack Marshall;

        I suspect the women’s groups are a tad preoccupied with singularly focused attention on one Dr. Kermit Gosnell, which has been reported (if you want to call it that) with facile ideological complicity.

  5. As long as parents keep sending their kids to these schools, the money keeps coming in and the wheels on the machine keep grinding.

  6. My head is still spinning . . . what exactly were the girls to learn from this ‘lesson’. What does kissing another girl have to do with bullying? Why such a long way around the block?
    And what a great job for a pervert – force little girls to kiss in front of you, get paid for it and call it legal.

  7. Sorry I am late reading this. I have kids that teach in the public school system. One teaches special ed and the other teaches in high school. Both are in rural school districts. I doubt this will happen in either of their schools but if it did….just imagine an old lady screaming those famous lines from a long ago movie…”I’m mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it no more.”…or something like that!

  8. The information contained in this article is full of lies and distortions and tantamount to the “telephone game.” Do not believe what you read on the internet!! The Red Hook Central School District has been exemplary in every way possible – academically, athletically, artistically and socially. Shame on the people who started this mess.

  9. Not sure where else to post this:

    In the recent case of the 12 year old suicide because of online bullying which resulting in the felony charges against the two bullies for stalking strikes me as smacking of moral luck. This is no defense of the bullies, but if the precedent is set then it seems that bullying isn’t against the law, but someone’s suicide will precipitate punishment of bullies. This is a complete roll of dice and won’t discourage bullying, only portray the authorities as capricious and idiotic.

    It’s what is inevitable with the institution of government steps in when the institution of family isn’t handling things.

      • Excellent!

        I really should stop posting from my iPhone. The autocorrect feature deviously switched “resulted” to “resulting” and “when” to “with”. I don’t spend enough time proofreading or editing my grammatical mistakes which arise from typing my train of thought only to have my self-aware trickster phone compound the issue.

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