Ethics Dunce: The Daily Caller


…or Taylor Bigler, the DC’s Entertainment Editor…or both. Some jerk, individual or collective, thought that having an intentionally misleading headline on a story hundreds of thousands would read while skipping the article itself would be a hoot, even if it added PR and image problems to the troubled life of a young woman, Lindsay Lohan, desperately trying to get her career and mental health back on track. The headline…

Lohan Arrested For Drunk Driving

It is accompanied by a photo (above) with the star’s face prominently displayed, and her mother shown in the background. Mom, Dina Lohan, was the one arrested, the story (authored by Bigler) explained. The incident reported had nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan, who by all accounts is clean, sober, employing a full-time sobriety coach and trying to overcome multiple substance abuse problems and the consequences of years of irresponsible conduct that have reduced her name to a punchline.

Any decent, fair and kind person should, if he or she thinks about Lohan at all, be wishing her strength, luck and support in one of the most difficult challenges any human being can face. Bigler and the Daily Caller, however, think it’s cute to exploit her problems to mislead their own readers and get cheap hits on their website, and if the lie is planted in the rumor mill that Lindsay is back partying again (and can a sixth mug shot be far behind?) after thousands just skim the headlines, so what? (No,I’m not giving the Daily Caller any links on this one. To Hell with it.)

It’s cruel and crass, that’s what. Dina Lohan is no real celebrity, and her continuing ridiculous behavior isn’t news, even by degraded celebrity standards. Even if one considers her an F List celeb, she’s not “Lohan” and the Daily Caller knows it. The ambiguity was intentionally used to get an “Oh, no!” reaction and a click. That’s how I saw the story.

Congratulations, DC, it worked. You got your traffic.

I guess Tucker Carlson was sleeping on the job again…

5 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: The Daily Caller

      • If that’s the least competent moment of the Daily Caller, then they still stand above their leftist competition like Paul Bunyan. You might well say that Lindsey doesn’t need any more adverse publicity, even when in comparison with her pathetic mother. But it’s also true that Dina Lohan has not only been a shameless publicity seeker in her own right, but bears the prime responsibility for leading her daughter (only technically an adult even now) into what she became after spurning her Disney image. In a very real sense, you can’t talk about one without invoking the other. It was misleading, though. Maybe Tucker got tuckered out again! Jack: I don’t think you’re ever going to let him live down “Fox & Friends”.

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