Ethics Heroes: The Al Ittihad Soccer Team

Spontaneous  sportsmanship  broke out in a recent international soccer match between Al Nahdha, an Omani soccer club, and Al Ittihad, a Saudi soccer club. I’ll take my encouragement from wherever I can get it these days.

Al Nahdha’s goalkeeper was about to make a clearance early in the second half of a 2-2  tie, but hesitated because his shoelace was untied, and seemed worried that his shoe would fly off. An opposing player, a Brazilian striker named  Jobson, noticed the goalkeeper’s dilemma  and  instead of taking advantage of the soccer equivalent of a wardrobe malfunction, tied his opponent’s shoelace for him. The surprised and grateful goalkeeper slapped Jobson on the back and gave him a high-five as the crowd cheered its approval, then he kicked the ball.

A ref, however, spoiled the moment by signaling that the goalie had delayed the game by taking too long with his clearance. He awarded an indirect free kick to Al Ittihad , and Al Nahdha lined up to defend.  Then, after talking the situation over, the Saudi team took what could have been its shot at a game-deciding goal.
The team just kicked the ball harmlessly past the goal, refusing  the penalty (and rebuking the referee), while also making certain that its earlier good sportsmanship wasn’t rendered pointless by a gratuitous ruling.

The crowd loved it.

I bet I would have too, if I would let myself be caught dead at a soccer match.

[Disclaimer: The title on the video above is the opinion of the video poster, and does not necessarily represent the views of Ethics Alarms.]


Pointer: Jonathan Turley

5 thoughts on “Ethics Heroes: The Al Ittihad Soccer Team

  1. I would have half expected the player who knelt down initially to tie his opponent’s shoe to have done so as a possible mock. But as both teams handled it, yes good sportsmanship is a better explanation.

    This being soccer, however, are you sure that out of happiness for their teams’ sportsmanlike conduct the fans didn’t riot resulting in the deaths of a dozen or so spectators?

  2. I know this is off topic but the computer I’m using at the moment won’t allow me to email you, Jack.
    I hope you look into the disgusting remarks made by Martin Bashir (ie: Sara Palin) and the pathetic msm who have remained silent about it.
    This “man” is a complete and total PIG.

  3. Readers may or may not be aware that, in that culture (although not that of Brazil), tying a shoelace for someone else like that is a gesture symbolic of abject submission (there are hints of this in the Bible, if you know how to read them). Reciprocating the fair play wouldn’t be taken as fair play as such, in that culture, but the chivalrous behaviour of noblesse oblige towards someone who should be treated with benevolent paternalism.

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