Ethics Dunce: Justin Bieber Enabler, Adidas


You have to admit, the kid takes a great mugshot…

Sure, why wouldn’t a multinational athletic shoe company want an irresponsible, sociopathic drunken creep as the face of its product?

With any half-ethical company, the news that the celebrity it is paying a fortune to endorse its wares to consumers has just completed a six month period of embarrassments with an arrest for drag-racing under the influence would be followed immediately with a pink slip and an apology. Not Adidas.

No, despite the news of the continued unraveling of the 19-year-old Justin Bieber,—previously seen egging his next door neighbor’s home—who seems determined to emulate the worst of spoiled child idol cautionary tales, Adidas announced that Bieber is still their boy, which means that it is still promoting him as an icon and role model, and officially communicating the position that a teen’s impaired driving is no big deal—certainly nothing to lower the teen’s status in the eyes of a major corporation. The company also signaled that it doesn’t care if its ethical shrug amounts to enabling and rewarding The Bieb’s self-destructive behavior, increasing the burgeoning odds that he ends up in the gutter, on a slab, or wort of all, in a pathetic reality show before he’s 30.

I know, I know: the company is taking a wait and see stance, which only means it is venal and irresponsible, and if Jeffrey Dahmer was their official Adidas-wearing superstar, and the kids who buy Adidas shoes didn’t care who he ate, Adidas would keep paying him millions too.

In these situations you only get one chance to show that you care about the values and conduct you endorse, and Adidas already missed it. It has no values.

But I guess most of us already knew that.

(I saw this coming, you know…)


Sources: TMZ, The Province

31 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Justin Bieber Enabler, Adidas

  1. With any luck, the massive pile of drugs they apparently found in his home when they raided it will cause a felony, which means he would have to be deported.

    And frankly, America’s Hat can have the little shit back.

  2. \o/ Can Con!

    Seriously though, as a Canadian, I would like to apologize on Canada’s behalf for Jusin Bieber and Celine Dion. We really are sorry. We aren’t quite sure what to do about them at this point, or what we can do to keep them from happening again All I can do is throw myself on your collective mercies and hope that you can find it in yourselves to forgive us.

  3. My (limited and largely involuntary) exposure to Twitter has informed me that his sad, deluded fans have made the hashtag “#freebieber” a trending topic. Unfortunately only some of them are doing it out of sarcasm, or my personal favorite “#freebieber to a good home, we just can’t keep him around any more.”

    Oh, and Humble? No hard feelings from Celine and Biebs, but this has used up the goodwill from Mike Meyers and Alex Trebek.

  4. What’s alarming are the multiple idiots in the general public who think he is to be admired. Adidas thinks they are enough to make a profit. Thing is, that these butterflies will be attracted to another flower soon enough, but the stink of a fishy endorsement will overstay at Adidas.

    • My question is: When my clients were released on bond pending trial, they were not allowed to leave the state. How is it that Bieber is free to leave the country?

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