Ethics Quote: Sid Caesar (1922-2014)

Sid Caesar

“I remember a satire we did on ‘High Noon.’ The townspeople were supposed to abandon me and return their deputy badges to me by pinning them on my chest. I was supposed to have a sponge inside my shirt. But I didn’t have time to change. So they kept coming, saying, ‘Sorry, Sheriff,’ and pinning on the badges. After it was over, I went backstage, and somebody said, ‘Hey, you did real good pain takes.’ I told him the pain was for real.”

—-Comedy great Sid Caesar, who died yesterday at the age of 91, recounting for the New York Times an example of a how he suffered for his art, which was, always, making us laugh.

Caesar’s anecdote is as perfect a description of professionalism as I have ever seen, or ever will see.

Thank you, Sid Caesar, for devoting your life, body and soul, to laughter.

8 thoughts on “Ethics Quote: Sid Caesar (1922-2014)

    • Oh, have no fear. Have certainty. Because there is no vaudeville circuit and regular low-level live performing venues, it is literally impossible to develop the skills and talent we experienced with Sid, Danny Kaye, Jimmy Durante, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, the Marx Brothers, the Ritz Brothers, Red Skelton, Lucy, Abbott and Costello… Even the next half-generation—Harvey Korman, Jonathan Winters, Dick Van Dyke, the Laugh-in crowd—are gone or close to it.

      These are Passenger Pigeons and Mastodons, never to be seen again.

      • Some of the old guys are still around fortunately: Shelley Berman for one who I was fortune enough to hear in Vegas a while back. They perform in small clubs and do benefits. I will miss Sid Ceasar as he was a master performer as well a professional.

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