No, There Is No “Absurdly Bearded Sociology Professor On A Beer Can Principle”

follicle beer

This is just unfair, that’s all.

 Paul Roof, a professor of sociology at Charleston Southern University, a Christian school, learned that a photo of him taken by a professional photographer at a beard contest was about to appear on “Chucktown Follicle Brown” beer cans.  “I’m not compensated for the image, I don’t own the image, and the use of the image was a surprise to me,” the Roof told the media. His (amazing/ outrageous/ ridiculous—choose one) four-section beard has been used for other promotions, including for Christian services. Charleston Southern University never expressed any objection to its employee looking like an escapee from “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” Nevertheless, the school fired him, saying that a professor having his image on a beer can “was not representative of a Christian environment.”

Unlike the variations on the Naked Teacher Principle, the school sees nothing inappropriate about the teacher himself, his appearance, his values or his conduct. Yet it is punishing Roof because of conduct of others completely beyond his control.

This isn’t Christian conduct; it’s not ethical conduct; it’s not defensible conduct. So a Christian school professor’s image—an image the school apparently approves of—ends up on a beer can….so what? Who’s harmed, except the prof, whose image has been appropriated without his consent? What a horrible breach of institutional loyalty, to dismiss a professor whom the school knows has done nothing wrong at all. This conduct reflects far more negatively on the school, and Christianity, than any beer can.


Facts: Newser


12 thoughts on “No, There Is No “Absurdly Bearded Sociology Professor On A Beer Can Principle”

      • Islam does, and I can understand if an Islamic school did this.

        The problem is, if Christianity is interpreted to condemn alcohol consumption in toto, why be a Christian at all? Might as well convert to Islam- at least you do not have to appease your enemies under Islam.

      • I skimmed through the Biblical Values page on their website. They take Scripture as infallible, inerrant, and the only acceptable reference for matters of faith, so I expect that the “Biblical wine is actually non-alcoholic” argument is at play here.

        Some Christian institutions do condemn alcohol consumption for one reason or another, but this does not represent Christianity as a whole (which includes Catholicism, by the way, and others of us who use alcohol in services).

    • I assumed that, but it’s a point worthy making; thanks, Alexander. It appears, however, that the school was not unaware of his proclivity for grooming it thus off campus. It had notice. It never expressed objections, or at least not that we know of.
      But you are right: this makes the question, “Is there a Professor Who Grooms Flamboyantly in his Spare Time and Enters Weirdo Competitions Principle? I think the answer is the same: No.

    • “The circle of absurdity.” Wyogranny, well done indeed – a beautiful turn of phrase that I promise shall be stolen at the next opportunity!

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