Happy Halloween! Scary Unethical Quote Of The Week: MSNBC Host Alex Wagner

“In Georgia, state Democrats printed a flyer warning that the way to prevent “another Ferguson” is to vote. Arkansas residents meanwhile, received a mailer showing a man in a hands-up, don’t shoot position made infamous in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing. The mailer reads: “If we want to end senseless killings like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we need to vote . . . It’s important to say that it shouldn’t have to be the threat of undermining civil rights that gets people to vote, but if it does, so much stronger the party is for it.”

—MSNBC talking head Alex Wagner, acknowledging the desperate, last-ditch effort by the Democratic Party to energize its African-American base by racial fear-mongering, and endorsing it in epic “the ends justify the means” fashion.

Wagner: 'Race-baiting makes us strong.' Wow.

Wagner: ‘Race-baiting makes us strong.’

I remember my father announcing during the Nixon re-election campaign that the cynical GOP “Southern strategy” is which it catered to old-line Southern Democratic voters with direct appeals to racist myths and fears that he was changing his registered party affiliation from Republican to Independent, because he refused to belong to a party that would engage in such divisive and despicable tactics just to win elections. It is hard to imagine any conservative-leaning broadcaster, commenting on these scare-tactics at the time, both acknowledging them and pronouncing them regrettable but, all in all, good for the party. Yet this is exactly what Wagner did.

It exposes many things: the ethical deficit at MSNBC, progressive approval of the strategy of exacerbating racial discord and division in America, and the open, seven year-long strategy of Democrats resorting to race-baiting as the solution of last resort whenever the party’s performance and policies are subjected to fair criticism. The statement also exposes partisans like Wagner as ethics corruptors of all who hear them and are gullible enough to believe they speak the truth. Winning by lies and undermining racial comity in America makes nothing and nobody stronger. Even if such a tactic is successful in the short-term, it is devastating to democracy and the culture. No party that stoops to such gutter tactics is worthy of support by anyone who believes in basic ethical values.

The New York Times was finally revolted sufficiently by the conduct of its party of choice that it wrote about the recent spate of race-baiting campaign messages being used in close contests around the nation by the deservedly desperate Democrats:

In North Carolina, the “super PAC” started by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, ran an ad on black radio that accused the Republican candidate, Thom Tillis, of leading an effort to pass the kind of gun law that “caused the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.”


Sources: Newsbusters, New York Times

13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Scary Unethical Quote Of The Week: MSNBC Host Alex Wagner

  1. You know… there’s a difference between seeing something your party is doing, recognising it as obviously wrong, but choosing to shut up about it, and seeing something your party is doing that is obviously wrong and celebrating it. I mean…. MSNBC is about as ethics free as Fox, but you’d think that somewhere along the line some kind of gag reflex would activate. “They might not realize WHY necessarily what they’re doing is wrong, because partisan hackery is the soup they swim in, but I’d hope that maybe there’s some niggling in the back of their minds that perhaps they shouldn’t be so brazen.”

  2. I read one this morning in Colorado that literally stated that voting for Gardner (R) was a vote against women’s autonomy, equal pay, well being, and human dignity. Thankfully, it was only an editorial from the People’s Republic of Boulder, and not staff.

    It’s so heartening to read that while there may only be mail-in voting this year, they’ve added as many as five GOP voting judges – most of whom were registered dems until last month.

    • I read one this morning in Colorado that literally stated that voting for Gardner (R) was a vote against women’s autonomy, equal pay, well being, and human dignity.

      This does beg the question.

      Would this not motivate many male voters to vote for Gardner, since they would perceive anti-female policies to be pro-male? ?

        • “I’m proud to be a woman” said the feminist
          “I’m proud to be a man” said the sexist
          “I’m proud to be black” said the African American
          “I’m proud to be white” said the racist
          “I’m proud to be gay” said the homosexual
          “I’m proud to be straight” said the bigot

          • (I am of the opinion being proud of what you have inherited by Nature or chance of birth makes you an idiot. The only thing you should be proud of is what you’ve done with what you’ve been dealt, not what you’ve been dealt)

  3. In Georgia, Democrats are circulating a flier warning that voting is the only way “to prevent another Ferguson.” It shows two black children holding cardboard signs that say “Don’t shoot.”…

    People in Ferguson did vote.

    why did it not work?

  4. 1. You can only vote for the people on the ballot in many places.
    2. With the death of journalism, it has become harder to know who you are voting for.
    3. In some places, boss politics still reigns and no matter who you vote for, you are really voting for the same boss.
    4. Due to voter fraud, your vote may not count or may not count as much as you think.
    5. Even if you elect good, qualified people, government can’t fix all (most of your problems). If you have a situation where a large, violent man gets into a physical altercation with a police officer, you have a good chance that something bad is going to happen. If it happens often, something bad will happen. It has nothing to do with politics, politicians, or even police training. Physical altercations are unpredictable.

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