Announcement: The Winner Of The “Take Down Monica Brennan!” Contest Is…

With a third of the vote, texagg04 lapped the tough competition. He will receive an ethics movie classic of my choosing as his prize.

Congratulations to Tex, and to all the competitors. I hope Monica was following closely, and that she learned something. I doubt it: I’m sure she is cheering the news that there is agreement on the basic terms of a deal to keep Iran from getting a nuclear bomb and wiping Israel off the face of the earth, which, according to Monica and Christiane Amanpour, is all a bluff anyway. Besides, Iran knows what happened to Assad when he crossed Obama’s “red line,” so it as absurd for Israel or anyone else to think that it doesn’t intend to keep its word.

This was certainly encouraging: hours after the administration announced the good news about the deal, Iran accused the U.S. of lying about it.

But I digress. Thanks to everyone who voted.


3 thoughts on “Announcement: The Winner Of The “Take Down Monica Brennan!” Contest Is…

  1. Who other than Tex that comments on this site has the common sense, humor and facility with (incomprehensible) ethical nomenclature to keep up with the Twelfth Man?

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