Give Credit Where It’s Due: Bill Clinton’s Mastery Of Deceit Is Awe Inspiring And Unequalled

best-of-the-best-award_MCSAsked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about Hillary Clinton’s lack of trustworthiness according to a recent poll, Bill Clinton replied, solemnly, “I’d trust her with my life.”

Brilliant deceit. His response is completely irrelevant to the question, misleads the audience, bolsters Hillary and may even be true, but it in no way either refutes the proposition that Hillary can’t be trusted, nor contributes any useful information for those who would like to examine the issue.

Whether Bill trusts Hillary is as useless to those not engaged in mutually beneficial enterprises with her as the fact that Clyde trusted Bonnie, Wyatt Earp trusted Doc Holiday or the Godfather trusted Luca Brasi. There are very few people whom nobody can trust, even such trusted Clinton henchmen as Dick Morris and Paul Begala. The public wants to be able to trust a leader to do the right thing even when it doesn’t benefit his or her interests, to tell the truth, and to have integrity. None of these character traits apply to Hillary Clinton, or Bill, for that matter. Sure he probably trusts her “with his life,” because he knows his life is useful to Hillary. “I’d trust her with my life” sounds like a ringing endorsement to the easily misled and confused voter, which is the Clinton base. As Bill knows well, the statement doesn’t mean anyone else can or should trust her.

You just have to tip your hat to him. Nobody makes the truth dance like Bill Clinton. He can even make an endorsement from someone more untrustworthy than Hillary—him–sound persuasive.


10 thoughts on “Give Credit Where It’s Due: Bill Clinton’s Mastery Of Deceit Is Awe Inspiring And Unequalled

  1. The proper response to Ol’ Bill would have been: “The fuck you would.” Sociopaths don’t trust anyone, never mind other sociopaths.

    • Maybe, except that they know what people will do when you have them sufficiently controlled. He’ll trust her to act like he would, which is to do what’s in her own interests as he controls them. To a sociopath, that is, or trust, or he closest he is capable of understanding it.

    • Sure there is. “You’re right, we both lie like rugs. Can’t help it. People don’t seem to mind.” What you mean is that there is no dishonest answer that I would have accepted. That’s true.

      Here was the other answer, by her campaign manager:

      Despite numerous polls showing that voters do not trust Hillary Clinton, her campaign manager Robby Mook repeatedly asserted on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday that “no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary.”

      A new CNN/ORC poll that found 57% of Americans do not find Clinton “honest and trustworthy” and that more people have an unfavorable view of her now than at any time since 2001.

      Even Democrats and people who want Hillary to win believe “the biggest problem for her is trust,” said host John Dickerson. “The voters and the polls have shown this. Voters do not trust her. How does she overcome that?”

      “First of all, no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary,” said Mook.

      “They don’t find her honest and trustworthy,” argued Dickerson.

      “Well, no poll says that,” said Mook.

      Just deny it. Deny, deny, deny. That’s the other Clinton method. The fact that the denial is obviously false doesn’t dissuade them at all.

      Or, to take the Rachel Dolezal approach, if you say you are trustworthy, you are trustworthy.

      • Well, there are people who DO trust Hillary. I know a few — some who have even worked for her. Bill saying that she trusts her is worth nothing, but I don’t think it’s an unfair thing for him to say. It would have been REALLY interesting though if he said that he didn’t trust her either.

        • I’m sorry, I don’t understand how anyone can trust Hillary. It is a res ipsa loquitur issue,straight up. I suppose the there are people who trust Bernie Madoff, John Edwards, Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez too, but they don’t give credence to their trustworthiness, only to the mental and emotional problems of those who trust. Reminds me of the Idaho lawyer who was suspend last year for falling for the Nigerian Prince scheme. Hillary is as credible as the Nigerian Prince.

        • Maybe there are people who trust her to be exactly what she is and therefore find that they can work with her. She CAN be trusted to always be deceitful.

  2. Bill trusts Hillary to support him in his lies — which are legion. The Clinton legacy is only lying, artful deceit, and the ability to garner a bunch of hacks who lie for them. Even on prima facie stuff: “No polls show Hillary is distrusted?” !!!! I am insulted by both of them — I for one am not a moron, though they assume we all are, and have actually managed to prove it numerous times. Hillary is oh so concerned with the plight of the middle class? Pul-eeze. From her insider trading when Bill was governor of Arkansas to today’s Clinton Foundation, they have proved only one thing: they are interested only in themselves and their power, and will do or say anything to promote both. Both are an embarrassment to our country, and absent their ability to lie and cover up their misdeeds, would be in jail. Sickening.

  3. I still recall how Hillary absconded with the White House silverware, claiming it was a personal gift after it was found out. You have to wonder what else she would have carted off if she thought she could get away with it!

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