Thoughts Upon Watching George Stephanopoulos Interview Another Hillary Clinton Advisor This Morning


1. Why is George Stephanopoulos still being allowed to interview anyone connected to, critical of or opposing the campaign of Hillary Clinton? He has an irreparable conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety. He was deceptive regarding his continued support for the Clintons, by not reporting serial large contributions to their foundation/political slush fund. ABC is essentially ignoring basic journalism ethics.

2. Interviewing another one of Hillary’s paid liars--I didn’t catch his name, and frankly, they are fungible: let’s call him :Lanny Davis 2016″—George asked the same question about trade that Jake Tapper did, but barely pressed on after receiving the same evasive answer. Why? Because Tapper is a real journalist and George isn’t? Or because George was attempting to show he is objective by asking the question, but is still essentially an undercover, though not so covered, Clinton booster?

3. George then asked another tough question, asking Lanny 2016 about what he said about Clinton in 2008 when he was working for candidate Barack Obama against Hillary, saying that Clinton couldn’t be believed and that she adopted positions according to political calculus rather than sincere beliefs. The honest answer would have been, “Well, you understand this, George: Obama was paying me then, Hillary’s paying me know, just as the Clintons paid you once, and now ABC does.” Instead, Lanny II replied with a canned statement that didn’t address George’s question at all, and George let him get away with it. Why? Because he’s a hack? Because he’s dumb? Or because he’s in the tank for Hillary Clinton?

8 thoughts on “Thoughts Upon Watching George Stephanopoulos Interview Another Hillary Clinton Advisor This Morning

  1. TV political reporting has turned into Kabuki theater. Everyone’s on somebody’s payroll and the networks all want Democrats elected. Except for Fox, which gets a bad rap for trying to counter the rest of the networks single-handedly. And yet reporters continue to act as if they are providing an essential service. The fourth estate, my ass. They’re poison. I wish the EPA would go after them. They are more toxic than carbon. The FCC sure won’t.

  2. The first time I can remember feeling this particular outrage was when Anthony Weiner was being interviewed by one of the Fox blondes. (This was long before we all got familiar with his physical shortcomings.)
    Virtually no one is fooled buy it. When will it end?

  3. Ha, my head did explode yesterday as I watched Fox’s Chris Wallace try to interview a Hillary “Spokeswoman”, and never got a single answer to a single question, particularly about the Trade Agreement. This woman was unable to give even an elementary reply to Hillary’s position on anything, including when she might actually talk to the press. Disgraceful.

  4. The fact that Stephanopoulos is still on the air disgraces the entire journalistic community. Ratings down, and why? You get real and honest and better news on-line, not from the political hacks who populate both the electronic and print media. A pox on all of them.

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