“Worlds Are Colliding!” If You’d Like To Meet The Ethicist And Blogger, Come See “Twelve Angry Men” And Meet The Director


I’ve now received sufficient inquiries from readers to justify the risk of colliding my worlds as a professional stage director, an ethicist and a blogger.

The final production of my quixotic theater company in Arlington, Virginia, “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose, is playing through August 8. After that, the American Century Theater closes its metaphorical curtains (we perform in a black box theater, in the round for this show) forevermore after 2o rewarding, daring, frustrating years. I know a lot of Ethics Alarms readers live in the Washington D.C, area, and I would love to meet you face to face for a change, which, if you come to a performance, is easy (though you have to let me know when—I don’t see every one.)

You can get information and make reservations here; there are some representative reviews of the show here and here.  Some background on the theater’s closing is here. I’ve written about some ethics issues in the movie (which is the script I directed for the stage) here, here and here.

For many reasons, this is as good a version of the story as you are ever likely to see, and in all honesty and modesty, that includes the classic movie. The script is better live on stage than on film (it is about all the jurors and the jury as a unit, not just Henry Fonda), it cannot be done justice on a proscenium stage; the cast is superb, and the director is a lawyer, an ethicist and a successful stage director who has studied the script for 30 years and directed it three times before to work the kinks out.

If you come, I’ll seat you myself.

Hope you can make it.

Update: You can hear a podcast, hosted by me, about the production here.

19 thoughts on ““Worlds Are Colliding!” If You’d Like To Meet The Ethicist And Blogger, Come See “Twelve Angry Men” And Meet The Director

  1. I would love to see the play…again, and meet the cast, most especially meet the director. If you’re doing it, it can’t help but be good. Unfortunately, monetary constraints forbid a trip to Virginia just now. Break a leg!

  2. I’m saddened to be reminded that this is your last go-’round. This is when I wish my big annual conference (the reason I was in town to see Marathon ’33) was in DC this year. But this time it’s in Montreal, which makes for a rather long commute. Break a leg.

  3. Much like dragin_dragon, I wish… I’ll be in DC for a few days soon, but just barely too late. Do I ever understand “aging staff.” Well, aging, period. Jack, you seem much younger in energy and spirit than most your/our age. Maybe you could start a hot YouTube channel, use some talents of TACT veterans, and share some theater via video for ethics education, for posterity. Just suggesting, since that seems to be where so many eyeballs are these days. Wishing you and TACT the greatest success in its last runs of shows.

    • Thanks. This one is, as I knew it would be, well nigh perfect. Our audiences are too critical (and too old) to do standing ovations gratuitously, and the show has had them for every performance.

  4. Well, as one of those regular readers who lives in the Washington D.C area, Mrs. Z and I are currently planning to attend the Thurs 7/30 show. We’d love the chance to meet you face-to-face.

    Are there any outlets on the stage? My cell phone battery doesn’t last as long as it used to….


      • Well, Mrs. Z and just got back from the show. I’m sorry we missed you, and I hope you’re feeling better soon.


        In fact, we might try to come see it again next week.

        If anyone reading this is in the area and able to attend, I strongly encourage you to do so. It really is, as Jack says above, “well nigh perfect.”


        • Dwayne, I tried to sneak out of bed and get to the show tonight because I was determined to see you. My wife threatened to do me in. I’m so sorry, and disappointed. I you can make it again, I’ll be there even if I’m in an iron lung, which is a real possibility at this point.

          • Well, it’s official: We’ll be coming to see the show again on Saturday for the 2:30 performance. I hope you can make it.

            My only “special request” is this: When we saw the show the first time, we sat on the “fan” side of the table. So this time around, I’m hoping we can sit on the “water cooler” side for a different perspective.


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