Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month AND Unethical Quote Of The Week AND… KABOOM!: Rep. Jared Polis (D-Co.)

head blows“If there’s 10 people that have been accused and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, seems better to get rid of all 10 people. We’re not talking about depriving them of life or liberty, we’re talking about their transfer to another university.”

—-Colorado Democratic Representative Jared Polis, at this week’s congressional hearing on campus sexual assault.

Well, this statement made my naive, idealistic brain explode. I’m such a sap; I really still reflexively want to respect lout elected leaders, and assume they aren’t anti-democratic, totalitarian, arrogant, mean-spirited ideologues with the brains of a mole rat. What’s the matter with me? Reading a quote like this actually hurts me. It makes me want to give up, move to Madagascar, or punch the nearest smug progressive in the face.

Sure, why not kick a student out of the school he was admitted to and planned his life around because some woman accused him of unproven sexual assault? Fairness and process don’t matter; what matters is satisfying a Democratic party core constituency. If some injustice results and some innocent lives are disrupted, who cares, as long as the victims are males?

I can’t trust or respect an individual who says something this ineffably wrong and un-American to its core. Polis is a Princeton grad, a rich and brilliant entrepreneur, gay, and supposedly a civil rights advocate. Yet he thinks it is reasonable to kick a young man out of school if there’s a 1 in 5 chance that an accusation of sexual misconduct is accurate. How can this be? Is he hostile to heterosexual males? Is he a rank hypocrite?

Say what you may about lawyers, no lawyer who ever lived would advocate such a formula, and Polis’s  statement is a strong argument for more lawyers involved in lawmaking. In a follow-up interview with Reason, Polis argued that

“We aren’t talking about depriving someone of their liberty here, we’re talking about the ability of an institution to decide who can pay them to enroll in their courses. I associate “due process” with a conviction of criminal penalty; what affirmative right do I have to pay a university and make them deliver courses to me? They deny students the ability to enroll for all sorts of reasons.”

Awful. This is the same line of flawed reasoning we get from those who argue for censorship in private settings. Yes, depriving someone of property or other items of value without fairness and due process aren’t prohibited by the Constitution when the government isn’t involved, but the Constitution also enshrines fairness, process and equal treatment as national values, cultural standards, and what is right in the treatment of mankind. Apparently a lot of Americans don’t grasp this.

Those Americans should not be serving in Congress.

(Oh, I forgot to mention: when Polis made this asinine statement, rejecting our unique cultural belief that the balance of justice should tilt strongly to protecting the innocent rather than punishing the guilty (“It is better that ten guilty men go free…”), the spectators  applauded.)

21 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month AND Unethical Quote Of The Week AND… KABOOM!: Rep. Jared Polis (D-Co.)

  1. Well, it’s only 10 disposable people (white males) and they won’t mind if some fembot with an ax to grind ruins their lives in the service of the “poor women when will they ever achieve equality/” madness we’ve created out of thin air.

    This guy should be registered as a sex offender considering what he’s doing to set back justice for women. No one takes sexual assault on campus seriously anymore because it’s clear that any stupid trumped-up accusation by a woman for whatever reason is called assault. It’s going to result in free for all sexual assault (because if you have the name you might as well have the game) or else women on campus never being taken seriously when they bring a rape charge. This is progress?

    How would Mr. Polis feel about some stranger assuming that removing him from his life plans on a whim just because it isn’t depriving him of life and liberty? A lot of really bad stuff can be done to your life and not deprive you of life and liberty. Such a casual dismissal of another person’s rights is terrifying.

  2. A science-fiction writer actually said this once. To my credit, I have long since forgotten who he was. “It is better that ten innocents be wrongly punished than one guilty person goes free.” Sounds like something Polis could get behind.

  3. “Why are people like this in Congress?”
    Because “people like this” are elected to school boards, city councils, county commissions, zoning boards, constitutional offices, etc. etc. every election. Some of them eventually slime their way to higher office, like governorships, Congress, or the Presidency for example. Good people aren’t paying enough attention to who they elect at the local and state level. How likely is it that we would be enduring the Presidency of Barack Obama if he had never been elected to the Illinois state legislature?
    “People like this” will always be there, but is the duty of the rest of us to find them out, call them out, oppose them, and try to make sure they don’t get elected, not even as the proverbial dogcatcher.
    (Dismounting soapbox now.)

  4. I associate “due process” with a conviction of criminal penalty; what affirmative right do I have to pay a university and make them deliver courses to me?

    Does this same logic apply to bakers and wedding photographers?

  5. Extreme progressives have spent so much time pontificating about systems and oppression that they forget (or deny) that humans are individuals first and group members second.

    In the real world, individuals are all different. Some women are victims, others are vindictive bullies who won’t hesitate to manipulate the rules to get a guy who dumped them kicked out of school and branded a rapist.

    When progressives bake their “progressivism” into laws and policies, what you tend to get are rules that “empower” large swaths of “oppressed” people while penalizing individuals. There’s no regard for the unique character of every individual, there’s no room to examine the individual circumstances of each case. If you belong to a designated oppressed group, you have the advantage. Even if you’re not in the least bit oppressed or disadvantaged as an individual. Your individual life doesn’t matter. Your group identity does.

    So you lose your personal liberty, your dignity, and your right to be treated and judged as an individual. Maybe you get kicked out of a university for no real reason despite doing nothing wrong. Maybe you get called a rapist or a racist by millions of people. Maybe your business that you worked your whole life for gets destroyed. So what? You’ve helped balance the scales of equality for a minority group of some kind. The world is more fair now somehow. Why don’t you FEEL like it is?

    • I wonder if ISIS will be able to recruit men wronged by Polis’s proposed policy.

      For these men would perceive that their rights were violated for the sake of girls and women. They would perceive our society as abandoning its values for the sake of women. And many of these men would blame women in general. for the injustices visited upon them.

      And here comes ISIS, with their anti-female theology, reinforcing their belief that women are to blame for America abandoning its values, and promising them a chance to give payback to girls and women.

      How many of them would join?

      • I’d bet they are doing it now. One of the appeals of extremist Islam is there often very accurate criticisms of the flaws in Western excess, hedonism, etc. I know there is already the “Men Going There Own Way” group, which is not religious but seems to be a lot of guys who have gone full-fledged misogynist and rejected all females as an overreaction to feminist policies.

        • ISIS has a theology . Many of those who perceive America as having abandoned its legal, moral, and ethical traditions to appeased women would likely abandon their own ethics against raping girls and women.

          And this is why we must adhere to legal, moral, and ethical traditions, whether it be fighting against campus rape or ISIS. We should not abandon due process if some Americans are accused of aiding and abetting ISIS. The same values that tell us that rape is wrong, that treason is wrong, also say that we can not punish people without due process. And our values are a package deal.

          Nothing is more effective in diminishing deterrents against immoral behavior than abandoning the values that demand such moral behavior.

          • Yup. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, the stories of White Western youth (mainly in Britain, or at least that’s where all the stories seem to come from) who were raging against their own cultures and thought that ISIS made some pretty good points. So they run off to join the “freedom fighters” and are shocked at how rapey and oppressive everything is. And they want their governments to take them back. And we’re talking about quite a few girls doing this, even.

    • This, this, this EXACTLY, Isaac. This is why I hate progressivism and the SJW mindset so much. In the name of erasing oppression, they’re doing the exact same thing that they claim to be eradicating.

      Their ideal world would look an awful lot like the one we left behind 100 years ago — but they’d be perfectly happy with it. Progressivism is regressivism.

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