Donald Trump Is Despicable, But Gavin Newsome Is About The Last Guy I Care To Hear Say So

Full disclosure: I don't trust anyone who poses for photos like this. No, it's NOT the hair! Well, not just the hair...

Full disclosure: I don’t trust anyone who poses for photos like this. No, it’s NOT the hair! Well, not just the hair…

Gavin Newsom, California’s current Lt. Governor and formerly the rogue mayor of San Francisco, should license his image to be placed by the definition of “hypocrite” in the dictionary. A vocal critic of Kim Davis and others who use their conscience to justify defying the law on gay marriage, he initially gained fame by defying California law and authorizing same sex marriages in his city.

He is shameless.

I just watched Newsom on CNN while trying to keep my gorge down, as he was piously condemning Donald Trump for (correctly) opposing illegal immigration. Then he said—and this takes pathological gall— that this is what makes California “so great”: it not only embraces diversity,  but benefits from it.

Thus we have the willfully Orwellian progressive definition of “great.” California is out of water thanks to decades of mismanagement. It is a fiscal disaster. Businesses are fleeing the state; a huge tax increase looms. It protects illegals from law enforcement, and some of those illegals are exactly the ones Trump was talking about. They kill people. Ask Kate Steinle about how great California is. Meanwhile,the state is at war with itself; some would like to break it up entirely.

The state’s definition of diversity is also straight out of Bizarro World, as is its skewed version of tolerance. The University of California Board of Regents, for example, is considering a policy to make the university system “free from acts and expressions of intolerance.” Translation: You must adopt the prevailing progressive cant in speech and attitude on campus, or you will be crushed.

The diversity that Newsom’s California embraces does not include diversity of opinion or party, but never mind. The diverse opinions it does celebrate, like the peculiar belief that a citizen of another nation violating this nation’s laws is a noble act and that those who churlishly insist on the rule of law are bigots, are enough, all by itself, to make California great.

Newsome is as unethical as Trump, more intellectually dishonest, and a far greater hypocrite. He is more polite about it though. If forced to choose between the two, I  would be sorely tempted to join Steve Buscemi in the woodchipper.

Oh–Newsome’s running for Governor!

California, here I come!

Note: Ken White’s usual deft takedown skills are on display as he discusses the “right to be free from intolerance” proposal.


Spark: CNN

Sources: UCOP, Washington Post

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Despicable, But Gavin Newsome Is About The Last Guy I Care To Hear Say So

  1. He’s the Ned Broy of diversity issues. Broy was a policeman in what was then British Ireland who turned coat, passed a lot of sensitive information to Michael Collins who later used it in several assassinations, and later became Ireland’s national police commissioner, responsible for enforcing the law.

  2. The very name Gavin is pretentious and smug. Teachers develop a real sensitivity to names. Gavin and Chad are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.
    Having Gavin Newsome added to the mix I warn my children not use that name, just on the chance It would take me awhile to love a grandchild named Gavin.

    Knowing what Gavin Newsome thinks is great should be a reliable guide to any sensible person for knowing what to avoid like the plague.

  3. In agreement on the sickening, unethical Gavin. But (and I suppose this is a stupid question), can a state simply flout Federal law with no consequences? Doesn’t the Justice Department have anything to say about it? This is more than a “wink” at the law; it’s bragging about not obeying it. What would happen if Washington DC established itself as a “heroin safe” city? I think California should simply secede: see how it gets along socially, financially, and morally. It certainly has the leadership… to turn it into a (sorry, politically correct) Banana Republic of its own (and it will be an island soon enough anyway…).

  4. I swear, in recent months I have seen several times a TV commercial that shows Newsom. In it, a man is dressed like some pick-up artist from the days of discos – thrusting his hips, and slicking-back his hair, standing in the garage of some middle-class house with a sporty car next to him, while two or three people stand outside the garage and gaze in upon him (one of them a young girl no older than 12, who might have been meant to be his daughter since they vaguely look a little alike). I can’t even remember what the ad is about – it disgusts me _that_ much, to have a grown man air-humping away like that, while some little girl watches. It does not help in selling anything to me that the guy looks so much like Newsom. To me, he looks like the ideal of a mutant, humanized rat; his politics fit him well.

  5. I just made ten 2-page 10-font copies of Ken White’s excellent article, to be posted in the student center and social “science” hall’s bulletin boards. Engage your tormenters!

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