Halloween Wrap-Up: The Asshole Files

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Maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but “Ethics Dunce” doesn’t quite do the conduct of these Halloween 2015 miscreants.

Tell me again why we bother with this holiday that was once supposed to be the one day a year the evil spirits come out to play. Every year it is clearer that Halloween and its related activities is a festival for assholes. For example..

Robert Ledrew of Blackwood, New Jersey

There has never been a confirmed case of a child being injured by poisoned or otherwise tampered with Halloween treats. The one case, a murder, that caused a long-running panic was the father who poisoned his own son’s candy to collect on his life insurance. I guess  Robert Ledrew felt that a new generation of kids needed to be convinced that adults are lurking psychopaths, so he posted images of needle-filled candy bars to his Facebook page and reported to the police. Later he explained that he was trying to teach  children to be check their candy. I saw the photos as CNN reported the candy as a real attack on children, with no skepticism whatsoever. The tone was, “Oh, no, not this again! How horrible.” I turned to my wife and said, “This is a hoax. It’s always a hoax. Why doesn’t CNN know that?”

Ledrow was later arrested and charged with making a false police report.

Happy Halloween, Fort Bragg!

A yet unnamed soldier attempted to enter Fort Bragg on Friday night dressed as a suicide bomber, complete with a fake vest of explosives. Understandably, there was”an emergency response.”

The incident is under investigation. Fort Bragg spokesman Tom McCollum said, “People have to remember in this day and age … they’ve got to use common sense.” You know, unlike those golden years of yore when common sense was completely unnecessary.

“Costumes that appear threatening “may trigger security responses,” McCollum added, noting that “recent incidents”  have raised awareness of the potential for on-base violence.

Ya think?

A Klan Halloween

Cary Sharp, husband of Lahoma, Oklahoma (population 600), mayor Theresa Sharp, was one of group of  men who dressed in KKK robes on Halloween. Pictures circulated on social media of four men, including Sharp,  appearing to burn a cross while wearing Klan gear. The mayor’s hubby shrugged it all off as a big over reaction.[ Later, after a rather intense meeting with his wife, I assume, Cary gave a conventional apology. His first reaction tells us what he really thinks.]  “This is ridiculous, really; it was a Halloween night,” he said, and insisted that the cross wasn’t ever really set on fire.

Oh! Well that’s okey-dokey, then! Actually, it isn’t. As with suicide bombers, normal people really have a reason to fear the Klan, some deeply. I wrote earlier about rare exceptions to an “anything goes on Halloween” rule: Klan costumes are among them. There is also the important factor that he is the mayor’s husband, and certain kinds of impolitic and inflammatory conduct harm her. He has a duty to avoid them.

“I don’t know what else to say other than I’m sorry to the community and I’m sorry to the public,” Theresa Sharp told the news media, after initially trying to defuse the embarrassment by calling her husband’s  costume “a prank gone bad.”

11 thoughts on “Halloween Wrap-Up: The Asshole Files

  1. Too bad there isn’t a traditional idiot costume that all of these people could wear to identify themselves and prevent stress.
    People could just say, “Oh, He’s an idiot, just avoid him.”

  2. I agree for all your reasons and examples. Michael Medved has had a discussion on his radio show with his wife about Halloween-he against, she for. I have not listened recently.

  3. As a kid in the ’50s, I don’t remember adults dressing up in costumes. Only kids wore costumes and went trick or treating. When did adults begin dressing up in costumes for Halloween? That’s where the problem lies. I remember noticing back in the ’80s that young office worker women seemed to use Halloween as a chance to dress up in as sexually provocative outfits as they thought they could get away with. I think Halloween has turned into sort of raunchy masked ball affair for adults (so called) to act out in public.So many juvenile things are no longer about kids any more. People don’t seem to grow up, as a friend said, they just get older.

  4. Dealing with the public apology side of this post you may like to Google ‘ Kitty Flanagan – Resignations ‘.

    Warning, this may be a bit broad for some!

  5. That story from Fort Bragg strikes home. I was an M.P. there! That idiot is damn lucky to be alive to tell his tale. If I had been the one to first encounter him, his ass would have been mine. We carried .45’s in my day and knew how to use them.

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