Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Proves He Is An Ethics Corrupter And A Disgusting Agent Of Cultural Rot

As you can see above, last night Jimmy Kimmel highlighted numerous parents who thought it was just hilarious to employ their own infants as objects of national ridicule. Encouraging child abuse for laughs is Jimmy’s specialty, as I’ve noted before. This was a bit different, because the children didn’t know they were being abused.

After using social media to recruit parents to participate in the segment called “Fat Baby Bingo,” Jimmy joined the couples in mocking their own kids’ chubby thighs and folds of fat as the audience laughed. I bet Jimmy could recruit enough couples for a segment if he wanted them to set their kids on fire.

Of course, this will be on the web forever. My son has pronounced himself mortified by his baby pictures, as many of us are embarrassed by ours. These parents held up their unaware children to the camera, all but naked in diapers, so Jimmy could make jokes about how fat they were. Abuse of power, breach of trust, infliction of humiliation without consent, cruel and irresponsible. Just because a child doesn’t know he is being made the object of ridicule doesn’t make it right.

The talking heads on CNN today, however, thought it was all hilarious.

To these parents, egged on by Jimmy’s usual contempt for the humanity of kids, their babies were just props, like the gag items used by Carrot Top in his act.

Go ahead, defend Jimmy Kimmel and the parents betraying the privacy and dignity of their own infants, by saying it’s all in good fun and harmless.

I’m ready for you.

12 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Proves He Is An Ethics Corrupter And A Disgusting Agent Of Cultural Rot

  1. Fortunately, fat babies grow into all sorts of different body types as they age. I’m sure some of these kids will wear this as a badge of honor. But sure, it’s a bad idea. I think Jimmy Kimmel went off the rails when and and Adam Corolla parted ways.

    Would that Bob Kardashian had taken his kids on this show twenty years ago and they’d had their fifteen minutes of fame then and been done with the whole thing.

  2. Self-centered ignorant people trying to get their special little moment on national TV regardless of right and wrong or possible consequences; this is proof that some ignorant people really do think that the ends (selfishly wanting to get on national TV) justify the means (by humiliating their child forever).

    This really is appalling. I cannot defend any of these parents, Jimmy Kimmel, or the producer of the Jimmy Kimmel Live.

  3. Oh wait, I didn’t follow instructions; I was supposed to “defend” Kimmel with something like….

    But wait; he’s a comedian and we’re just supposed to accept whatever comedians choose to portray as humorous no matter what our gut tell us, we’re just supposed to laugh along with the laugh track, rot our brains, and become morally bankrupt along with the other ignorant sheeple.

    I just can’t find it within myself to defend anything about this absurd Kimmel “skit”.

  4. Bingo, and it doesn’t stop there. I dunno what’s worse, parents showing embarrassing pictures of their kids long after they have grown out of that phase or grown up, or parents who keep telling embarrassing stories about what their kids did, whether a physical issue, an incident they were too young to understand, or a failure. These days, with smart phones you can carry every picture and video you take everywhere forever, so it’s going to be very easy for parents going forward to whip out their smartphone and show every awkward moment their kids had.

    • It’s interesting that as a society “we” can seemingly condone this kind of humiliation to our own children in the name of humor but yet “we” use the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” to try and stop other people from sharing embarrassing things about our own imperfections and misadventures. Seems kinda hypocritical to me.

  5. Let’s not forget some of us were raised as kids in the Art Linkletter “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.” And then came Alan Funt and “Candid Camera” long before “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” I think Kimmel is just the hipster, Coachella generation, version of those shows.

    • None of the shows you mentioned belittled kids (or people) because they were FAT. What’s funny about that? It’s a condition: the other shows focused on amusing comments, behavior, reactions to external stimuli. Kimmel’s “piece” made fun of what is, frankly, a medical condition. Why not show pictures of the parents who allowed those kids to be so fat? Does it run in the family? No excuses on this one.

    • As far as I remember or ever heard of, Art Linkletter was a master at making children feel comfortable and drawing honest and bright comments out of them that their parents then as well as they as grownups could laugh about and be proud of. The show was never meant to embarrass.

      Funt and the “funny” home videos were designed very much like Jimmy’s show however, either trapping people into or filming them (or their pets) in the most awkward situations possible or showcasing pratfalls, the nastier of either the better.

  6. I couldn’t even get through the video. I thought the first “parent” with her baby full of breast milk was rather immature to say the least. I don’t believe obesity is funny in any context. Some of these babies are in medical danger while others are just chunky with baby-fat that they will outgrow. I worry about SIDS and babies this large. My brother was born in 1962 and cried all the time due to hunger. My mother took him to the doctor and the doc said that he was fine and not to worry. My brother did not grow up fat, yet his hunger still continued through his growing years. I was the exact opposite. I don’t recall Carson or Leno doing a “Fat Baby” segment.

    I liked “Other Bill’s” comment about the Kardashians. If they had a baby like this, the liposuction would begin at 18 months.

  7. At this rate, I would not be surprised if Kimmel begins a series, “Romanian Orphanage Tour,” and makes his first showing a parade of “funniest-looking kids.” I keep hoping that he’ll be real brave, canvass the many city and county arrest records, and show “funniest mug shots.”

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