The Unethical Courtroom Exchange Of The Century!


This would have been rejected by “Boston Legal” as too ridiculous.

In a Rome, Georgia court room, as others looked on, Floyd County Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham allowed himself to be provoked by a defiant murder suspect named Denver Allen.

What resulted was a rare (thank goodness) example of a judge lowering himself, his position, the court and the justice system to the level of those with no respect for the law or society. Here is a portion of the transcript:


dialogue 1

dialohue 2dialogue 3dialogue 4


Stay classy, Judge Durham.

You don’t have to be an authority on the Georgia code of conduct for judges. or any judicial codes, to figure out that this display violates multiple principles, including the duties to maintain dignity and decorum, avoid impropriety, uphold respect and confidence in the judiciary, avoid bias and prejudice, discharge judicial duties efficiently and competently, and not tell people to masturbate in court.

Well, that last one is more of a guideline than a rule, really.

Judge Durham needs to be disciplined, and either resign, or take a long, long vacation.

On the plus side, this episode may have moved him onto the short list of possible Supreme Court nominees for President Trump.


Pointer and Sources: Res Ipsa Loquitur

49 thoughts on “The Unethical Courtroom Exchange Of The Century!

    • Mr. Allen will grace “Dancing With The Stars.”

      To the delight of a certain demographic and its supporters, coupled with Allen’s vocal non-preference of gender, he will draw from a wide pool of potential partners.

      The result? What we in the business call “Box Office” will be a ratings bonanza.

  1. I wonder: has this kind of thing always gone on, rare as it might be, and is just now being tracked and reported on the internet? Or is it a sample of a new fashion in behavior all round?

    • Mmmmmm, dunno about a cheap shot, we all know Jack’s low opinion of Trump, BUT maybe it was digressing from the main point of the article?

      • It’s fair to project about a detested candidate’s likely choice for judiciary positions, but to do so in that digressive way, still, was a cheap shot.

        • Nope. Not a cheap shot at all. If Trump views his own rhetoric as appropriate, I see no reason to assume that he wouldn’t regard that judge’s behavior as virtuous. Yeah, it was hyperbole, but the point was and is valid. Nor is there any rule that I can’t append one ethics issue on another, as a joke or for any other reason.

          You are saying that a judge should be removed as a judge—just a judge! for speaking like this in court, but arguing for the Presidency of a man who talks about his penis size in a Presidential debate, accuses a female journalist of being upset because she is menstruating, and does this…

          How is that not complete hypocrisy? There are no ethics codes for Presidents, just tradition and presumed respect for the office. You will vote for a President liable to say and do things like this while representing the nation, like at the UN. And I intend to remind you and every other citizen willing to subject the nation to that degradation at every opportunity. Count on it.

          • “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!” That’s what we’re all – yes, ALL, even Jack – down to in this country, no matter what we are arguing about.

                • But I did agree with you (without saying so) that the judge needs to take a long vacation. In that transcript, I heard a possible similar exchange in my own voice (as the judge), speaking with a hypothetical customer (who, though hypothetical, is nevertheless exactly like more than a few of my actual customers), who holds similar contempt for my office and service, and by extension, contempt for me – before I began my own long vacation with opportunity to adjust my attitude – only to return and have the served population rise up yet again and launch its worst assholes and shit at me.

              • I had tired of commenting with the term in the way I have meant it since I first used it while commenting – having commented many times about our country having become “Ameri-la-la-la-la-la-rica”…about Oba-la-la-la-la-la-ma and Hil-la-la-la-la-la-lary. Our minds have closed; we are warriors of unshakeable and unwavering conviction, supremely sure of ourselves and of the correctness of our positions. All dissent, objection, contradiction, disfavor, and disapproval for what we think is mere irrelevant noise.

                • Every time I see that la-la-la-ing all I hear is “Deck the halls.”

                  luckyesteeyoreman, my “we” is not the same as yours. I’d be interested to know whom you are speaking for.f

  2. I once had a client who finished his trial with a similar suggestion (F@# you.) The judge’s response was “No, thank you.” Did make it kinda hard to argue on appeal that the defendant was properly remorseful and did not deserve the life sentence he had just received.

  3. The Judge should have ordered the Bailiff to remove the belligerent defendant from the court and thrown him in jail for contempt of court immediately after Mr. Allen said “Suck my dick” the first time, no second chances after showing that level of disrespect for the court; period.

    The judge has clearly lost the ability to properly conduct his court and permanently lost the respect of a person in that position, these things cannot be tolerated; the judge should be permanently removed from the bench.

  4. Jack said, “On the plus side, this episode may have moved him onto the short list of possible Supreme Court nominees for President Trump.”

    That’s pretty damn funny; however, please don’t tell me that you have come to believe that Trump is actually going to win the Presidential election?

    • Trump has an excellent chance of winning, because…

      1. The arrogance of Democrats and progressives has reached near fatal levels.
      2. A major terrorist attack on US soil is likely, and will radicalize many Americans out of fear.
      3. The Left’s increasing contempt for the Constitution is more and more obvious, and will alienate voters.
      4. Clinton’s corruption is now undeniable.
      5. There is no passion for Hillary anywhere.
      6. Even though Trump is a fool, he is a much better campaigner than Hillary.
      7. The riots at the Republican convention, aimed against Trump, will make Trump look like the victim.
      8. So many people are in denial about how truly terrible and unfit he is.

      • So then the Democrats will share in the blame for his election, for becoming arrogant jerks who turn off voters and running the second most unlikable candidate in history?

        • Absolutely.

          And for promoting open boarders while calling anyone who doesn’t a xenophobe. And for race-baiting for 8 years. And for refusing to hold Obama to constitutional norms. And for demonizing conservatives, the religious, anyone over 45, those slow to accept gays as normal, and gun owners. And for proving themselves corrupt by not holding Hillary Clinton to minimal standards of honesty and transparency. And for having such a fatally incompetent foreign policy that has turned Syria into a world-wide crisis. And for using divisiveness as a strategy to gain power, making the race and gender worse that they have been in decades.

          And most of all, by demonstrating from grass roots organizations up that the party increasingly is willing to chuck the Bill of Rights.

          • Have you ever written anything, either here or anywhere else, in which you describe when, where and how things in the country began to ‘go south’ (no pun against myself or my lineage)? I read many of the comments here and, to my eyes, they look like superficialities. I mean descriptions of surfaces.

            Mustn’t one have resort to a historic perspective at some point? I mean, arent you and everyone writing here (except the Liberal Wing, bless their sentimental marxian-communistic hearts) essentially complaining that the Republic has been lost? Life experience tends to support the view that things only get better when they have bottomed out completely. This all begins to look a little cataclysmic.

            I cannot see anything — no social movement, no reform movement — that seems poised to reverse the current of trends as they now flow.

            Politics has become unreal. What theory do you resort to to explain it?

            • I know that following the crumbs in various ethics topics leads into discourses that are only tangentially related to the mission, but that kind of commentary blurs the focus. I’m not a pundit or a political commentator: I’m focusing on character, ethics, leadership and culture, topics on which I have professional, rather than general, expertise.

        • Steve-O-in-NJ said, “So then the Democrats will share in the blame for his election…”

          Absolutely YES!

          I said this elsewhere…

          If the November election consists of Clinton vs Trump and no viable Independent candidate; then it’s clear to me that Clinton should win the Presidential election in a landslide of epic proportions. This win will have nothing to do with her ideology (although they will claim it’s and ideological mandate) but because people (regardless of past party affiliation) will vote in droves against Trump. If the unthinkable happens and Trump wins the Presidential election (I hope he doesn’t) the responsibility should be dumped into the lap of the political left which is loaded to the hilt with politically ignorant people and a blindly ignorant media that is going out of their way to intentionally smear all things Republican and Conservative and not focus their attention on the looming disaster that is Trump.

      • “2. A major terrorist attack on US soil is likely, and will radicalize many Americans out of fear.”

        I am already “radicalized”…by the tone-deafness of the Democrat Party and its adherents; by the ideological rigidity of Barack Obama and his supporters; by the unmistakable criminality of Hillary Clinton and the indifference of her supporters to it, and by the stumbling, bumbling spinelessness of the Republican Party and its wealthiest members. Who needs another Islamic jihadist attack on American soil to be “radicalized?”

  5. There is a ’60s radio show from Cuba about a small town judge and a petty criminal in Havana. All the action takes place in the courtroom and it’s filled with quick firing jokes all the time. One of the recurring jokes is when the accused (or a witness or whoever) takes it up to the judge and in response he starts firing back with absurdly increasing fines or hard time. This transcript reads like a script from that show, except it’s more profane and less funny.

    [If you speak Spanish google “La Tremenda Corte”, it is literally laugh out loud]

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