Ethics Dunce: Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum



Above is the current wax figure used at the museums’ various locales to represent Barack Obama. Boy, I LIKE that guy! Who wouldn’t trust THAT guy?

And here is the newly unveiled effigy of Donald Trump, just in time for his Inauguration…




Nice, Madame.  Make him look as much like Mussolini, or Alec Baldwin’s ugly SNL impression as possible.

No bias there!

Just out of curiosity, I checked the museum’s representations of Hillary Clinton..


(Looks just like her, don’t you think?)

and Bill…


(To be fair, Wax Monica is just out of the picture…)

…in comparison to that of President George W. Bush.



Hey, what’s unfair about any of those? We all know Republicans are mean and scary, and never smile, right? Democratic leaders, however, are warm, friendly and welcoming!




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30 responses to “Ethics Dunce: Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

  1. joed68

    Who’s surprised?

    • I am. I really am. There is no up-side in a general attraction showing bias like that. It is also subtle misinformation, but then, Great Britain is a socialist country, and still, after all this time, doesn’t get the U.S.

  2. joed68

    Also in fairness, it’s not quite as hideous as that utterly disgusting likeness of him that New York City is so proud of.

  3. Steve-O-in-NJ

    Maybe they’re just playing to their client base. The prices to enter start at $40.00 a head.

  4. Chris

    Honestly, the smiling ones look worse to me–more unnatural and creepy than friendly and welcoming. (Hillary, in particular, doesn’t smile like that.) The more neutral expressions on Trump and Bush seem more natural and “real” to me, and don’t have quite as much of the Uncanny Valley effect.

    Not that I’m defending this, since I don’t think that was the intention.

  5. I think they show Reagan with a smile and JFK really doesn’t have much of a smile. 🙂

    I think your overall point is very valid.

  6. I am not really surprised given how the media has portrayed non Democrats since I was old enough to pay attention

  7. I’ll agree that it was wrong to portrait Bush as they did, he had a natural smile and used it often. With Trump though… I don’t know if it’s unfair, or if it just reflects reality. Trump’s smile looks like a slightly less scowley version of his normal scowl. If you google “Trump smiling” you’ll come up with a couple of stock images, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually seen him smile.

    • And Hillary’s is realistic?

      Everything about the Trump effigy is as unflattering and menacing as they could make it. It’s not so hard to find a neutral, warm expression. They didn’t want to. Took me about 15 seconds.

      • See, and that picture makes me think he has gas. Touche on Hillary though, I think I’d prefer a picture of her with that old timey red feminist kerchief, holding a rag and standing over a computer.

  8. Thank you for not posting the Carter statue. Smile could burn your retinas.

  9. Funny – even the Putin statues have a little bit of give around the lips.

  10. luckyesteeyoreman

    Spin it another way: It’s “gravitas” vs. “the best liars know how to smile.”

  11. joed68

    First thing I thought of reading this, was this movie

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