Ethics Dunces: The Catlettsburg (KY) Police Department


This story does not fill one with trust and respect for the judgment of our warriors in blue.

The Catlettsburg, Kentucky, Police Department placed large decals on its police vehicles that show the comic book character “The Punisher’sskull logo emblazoned with the “Blue Lives Matter” slogan. Behold:


The city council and mayor approved the design and decals, which were funded by local taxpayers.


The Punisher is a Marvel Comics anti-hero who is a murderous vigilante.  He summarily executes bad guys. From Wikipedia (which apparently they don’t get in Kentucky)…

The Punisher (Frank Castle) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character… is a vigilante who employs murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence, and torture in his war on crime.

Exactly the image that police departments want to convey to the public!

The Punisher’s  logo has become a symbol of “Blue Lives Matter,” featured on merchandise and Facebook posts supporting police officers against the “forces of evil,”  as in those who view the police as enemies of minorities and justice.  “American Sniper,” the 2015  film based on Navy SEAL  Chris Kyle’s life, popularized the Punisher comics, which Kyle admired. Catlettsburg Police Chief Cameron Logan thought it was just  a “warrior logo,” and didn’t know it was associated with the vicious and lawless comic book character, even though the comic itself was featured in the film. He knows now, though.

“We’re getting so many calls, and they’re saying that the Punisher logo [means] we’re out to kill people, and that’s not the meaning behind that,” Logan says. “That didn’t cross my mind.”


The logo is a death’s head! What do you think a death’s head means?

Now that his police have removed the car decals, the Chief say he regrets using the image, calling it an oversight, and  promises that in the future he’d do “a little more research” …before emblazoning death symbols associated with lawless killing on his vehicles.

That’s nice.


25 thoughts on “Ethics Dunces: The Catlettsburg (KY) Police Department

  1. Sigh.

    This is the kind of thing that provides the fodder for the urban left to mock my home state as a regressive backwater.

    To paraphrase the modern TV rendition of the Green Arrow in response to the Catlettsburgh police chief, “You have failed this city — and this state.”

    Help our reputation out and resign, you moron.

  2. The Catlettsburg, Kentucky city council, mayor, and Police Department officials that went along with this are all FREAKING MORONS!!!

    I hope there are some saner heads in the community at large that can put a stop to this utterly hysterical response to BLM.

    • Thank you for posting this; this is the first thing I though of when Jack mentioned, “What do you think a death’s head means?” I hope someone showed the police officers this skit.

      (Fun fact: “death’s head” is more or less the literal translation of the German word for skull, totenkopf.)

  3. Why would they even want to put any kind of logo on the vehicles? They are police cars, not some kind of hot rod for a teenager. Yet if they fill the need to do that, why not choose one that shows peace instead of violence?

  4. “Catlettsburg Police Chief Cameron Logan, recently the subject of criticism for inadvertently putting the Punisher logo on police cars, has announced he’s found a less controversial image to replace it. ‘It’s a kind of stylized picture of an eagle, and it’s carrying this cool angular Buddhist symbol, so it’s both patriotic and inclusive. It’s really striking! I think people will really flip over it!'”

  5. As I recall during WW1 and WW2 the Germans had a fondness for death heads on their caps and uniforms. The Ravens, a group of forward air strike pilots who oprerated covertly in Laos during the Vietnam War, also wore a patch with a raven sitting on a skull with the motto “Nevermore”. Of course they were in combat and I really don’t think a Mickey Mouse patch would have been cool.

  6. Just to broaden the ‘single story’ going on here about West Virginia, I highly recommend the wonderful book, “Rocket Boys,” by Homer Hickam, Jr., who grew up in a coal town in West Virginia and became a NASA aeronautical engineer. Granted it’s one man’s story, but it does broaden the view of West Virginia.

    The Kentucky police department does not deserve more than its single story on this, however.

  7. A while ago, you posted an argument as to why cultural literacy, including keeping up with the younger generation, is necessary and important in life. I know there were some people in the comments questioning why they should have to pay attention.

    …here’s their answer.

    • I don’t think cultural literacy was really necessary here. Let’s say you didn’t know who The Punisher was. Let’s say The Punisher didn’t exist…

      It’s. A. Skull. For Christ’s sake all it needs is a snake for a tongue, and I wouldn’t be able to tell whether it was designed by someone at your local head shop or J.K. Rowling’s artistic director.

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