Ethics Hero: Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.)



I am obligated to name as an Ethics Hero any Democratic official  who is principled enough to try to lead his party, its supporters and the complicit mainstream news media away from their current dangerous and destructive scorched earth efforts to destroy the President of the United States.

Ethics Alarms has been calling for responsible leadership in this matter since November 9th, to no avail. President Obama is backing “the resistance,” behaving unlike any previous  ex-President since John Tyler joined the Confederacy. Hillary still has her own confederates calling for preemptive impeachment. The new Vice-Chair of the DNC claims that President Trump can and should be impeached immediately.  The new Chair thinks it fair and honest to call Trump “the worst President” in history after a single month in office, and issues outright lies like claiming the President wants to eliminate overtime pay. (Come back, Debbie! All is forgiven!) Schumer and Pelosi look the other way, or gently applaud, their most outrageous and uncivil colleagues. Senator Warren reads a decades old letter to call a Senate colleague a racist, and becomes a feminist martyr through some twisted logic.

In this vacuum of integrity, statesmanship, decency, fairness and responsibility, even an obscure House Democrats stands out for just meeting minimal standards of fairness and rationality.

Moreover, this obscure House member is from Blue on Blue Massachusetts, where presumably he risks partisan fury for not following the “Trump is Nazi Satan Hellbeast and Must be Detroyed By Fire! ARGHHHHHH! “ narrative.  Congressman Stephen Lynch didn’t exactly celebrate the President’s recent address, he was just open-minded, thoughtful, and responsible—you know, unlike everything else we have heard from his party and colleagues. He said in part,

“I think his words were a significant shift from his previous, sometimes inflammatory rhetoric. I thought he was much more conciliatory.He urged us at one part to get past the trivial differences and work together. That’s not been his mode of operating, at least up until this point.”

Lynch went on to say that he remains skeptical of the President’s agenda and ability to achieve it, and that is fine. He’s a Democrat. He should feel that way.

“We’ll just have to wait and see if his actions are similar to the speech last night, or more akin to what we’ve seen thus far,” Lynch said.

Fair enough.

How often, however, have we heard Democrats, liberals or journalists admit this:

“I don’t think he’s been treated fairly in the media. I really don’t.I thought that one of the biggest casualties of this past election was the credibility of the media. I read probably six or seven newspapers a day, my staff sends me the clips, and there was just a steady drumbeat of attacks against Donald Trump. It seemed like some press outlets became completely unshackled from responsible journalism.”

Well, that’s one Democrat, from my home state no less, whom we can trust.  It’s a start.


Pointer: Arthur from Maine

15 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.)

  1. Jack: The new Chair thinks it fair and honest to call Trump “the worst President” in history after a single month in office,

    Fair point. So, how does he stack up against William Henry Harrison? I guess Trump has survived for over 40 days now, so you can put that accomplishment in the Trump column.

  2. The best thing I can say about Obama at this point is that he is a hypocrite and partisan hack. Lynch seems to be a good guy and quite capably of challenging the party line.

  3. We need more of this on both sides of the aisle. Thanks to Ethics Alarms for pointing this out, it is highly unlikely I would have read or watched this bit of political heresy through any of the conventional news outlets.

  4. Lynch is old school Democrat who will get nowhere. Lynch attempted to run for the Senate, but since he is not tied to the ultra-left bed in Massachusetts he had no chance. Zip. Lynch has occasionally run contrary to the left machine in national and state so he will stay just where he is. Another Southie guy who I met a few times via my son who was in Local 7 Ironworkers – same as Lynch. Also one of the very few I actually give a political contribution despite not being in his district.

  5. There MUST be more Democrats who feel this way. Hopefully, this will have emboldened them to speak out, too. Wouldn’t that be something, if this sort of level-headed civility became contagious?

  6. “I thought that one of the biggest casualties of this past election was the credibility of the media.”

    For everything good he said, he and his ilk still fail to recognize the media began inflicting its own fatal wounds as early as the Bush administration – and even non-fatal wounds earlier than that.

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