Unethical Conduct Anti-Matter: Here Is The Perfect Way To Get The Guy Who Was Thrilled By Helping A Girl Kill Herself Out Of Your Mind…

That’s Neil on the left, Jonny on the right.

Read this.

There is hope.

The post about the opposite response to a potential suicide is here,


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12 responses to “Unethical Conduct Anti-Matter: Here Is The Perfect Way To Get The Guy Who Was Thrilled By Helping A Girl Kill Herself Out Of Your Mind…

  1. isolumikko

    Thank you for posting this story, Jack. A timely reminder of what really matters.

  2. Kyjo

    The link doesn’t seem to be correct; it goes to a story about Tyerell Przybycien.

    • There are two links. The first goes to the story about the suicide being halted. The second is the story I already posted about.

      • Kyjo

        Yes, thanks. For some reason the first link doesn’t appear any differently from normal text on my phone, but it is clickable. The last sentence makes more sense now!

  3. Rich in CT

    I am confused. The link goes to a story that is anything but hopeful….

  4. John Billingsley

    I’m having no problem with the link. The link is the underlined “this” in “read this.”

    Thanks for posting this. It did brighten my day. You don’t have to have any special training to do the right thing. You just have to be willing to reach out to a fellow human you see is in distress.

    • Kyjo

      What I see is “here” in blue, which links to the Przybycien story; that’s probably what Rich clicked too. “This” doesn’t appear underlined for me viewing the post from my phone. Thanks for pointing out that it’s a link. A good story, indeed.

    • Rich in CT

      On mobile, “Read This” appears as black text without underline.

  5. crella

    Thank you, Jack, that’s a lovely story.

  6. dragin_dragon

    I especially can relate to it. I have lost three clients to suicide, and it is amazing how guilty it makes you feel. What else could I have done to prevent this? Probably nothing, but it just shows how a single, caring, non-professional approach can help.

  7. Mental floss!

    Thanks Jack!

  8. Spartan

    Nothing like starting your work week with crying…. Thanks Jack — beautiful story.

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